Change an apartment in Kiev at a country house

27.10.2010 10:37
Articles about real estate | Change an apartment in Kiev at a country house Sell an apartment in a residential area of Kiev and buy a house or land without a contract for the city, this idea disturbs an increasing number of minds. This idea is obvious: if inconvenient "treshka in a residential area is worth as much as a bungalow with a plot of 10 acres, why not change the worst living conditions for the best?

The share of those who are willing to change the apartment for a house in the city, is a weighty share of all buyers suburban real estate. According to consulting company "RealEkspo" when buying a holiday home demand is distributed as follows: 50% are buyers who are paying "real money" accounts for 25% of those who pay in installments, 3% buy dream into a mortgage. But there are also 22% who do sell apartments in order to move out of town in their own home. However, transport problems and the need for the content of suburban real estate holding back the flow "of the city in the country, experts say. "

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Transportation problem
While more say and write than do buyers. Not yet solved the problem of transport links between Kiev and the region, this trend will not become popular. Whatever the economic benefits nor stood for traveling, when to the subway station for 1-2 hours a day to travel - the demand for such an alternative would be sharply limited. Another thing, if there is no need to appear in Kiev every day. So what to talk about strategies and winnings can only be in theory "- the director of consulting company" RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko.
Indeed, say goodbye to the comforts and infrastructure of the bustling city is not so simple. "We believe that it is impossible to talk about this trend as a mass phenomenon. Hypothetically in this idea, many supporters, but in practice, renounce the benefits of residence in an apartment in Kiev with a developed transport, social, shopping and entertainment infrastructure ready units. For the majority of the holders of the capital apartments, it remains the key to stability and confidence in the future, - said Victor Kovalenko. - why buy a country house for more than 90% of Kyiv residents are willing to consider as an addition to the capital's housing. significantly greater interest is the strategy of acquiring a country house in a mortgage with a simultaneous leasing of Kiev apartment. This works, provided the lease payments fully cover the monthly payment on your mortgage. Unfortunately, to implement this strategy in practice is extremely difficult because of unavailability of mortgage loans in the country market and high interest rates. "

Without Contract
What the buyer chooses, selling its urban housing? Experts give an unequivocal answer: the majority of buyers interested in homes in the villages of economy-class: they account for 82% of all buyers of suburban sites, 6% of choosing the level of home premium and 10% prefer an exclusive class of de luxe. The most "disastrous" in the structure of the distribution is a business class: at home in this category want to buy only about 2%.

Changing city in the region, consumers mainly driven by the idea to improve their living conditions. But the future of suburban property owners should not expect that they make the acquisition profitable investment, experts say. "The opportunity to win the footage no doubt, as the average price per square. Meters in Kiev at about 1.5 times the average price in the near suburb of Kiev. Investment feasibility of such a purchase is a big question. The potential number of dwellings that can be built in Kiev is limited. This esvt large unmet demand. Thus, the prices of apartments in Kiev will grow faster than housing in the suburbs, where the areas under the building much more ", - said Victor Kovalenko.

According to Victor Kovalenko, priced two-bedroom apartment in a residential area of Kiev you can pick up townhouse with no maintenance at 10-15 km from Kiev. At the same time people are willing to sell the apartment in order to buy a plot without a contract and to spend time and effort to the construction of houses according to their own vision and desire.

That is why, according to market participants, the bulk of demand from those who are willing to part with city apartments accounted for plots without a contract.

He is ready to spend time and effort to coordinate work of outside contractors and bear the risks of conflict with the official developer - because eventually he will get their dream home.

Profitable exchange
Exchange flats on the site without a contract is profitable by the fact that the time spent on the construction site, if desired, can be turned into money in the sale of already built homes. But the number of plots without a contract in a suburb of steadily declining. After all, selling plots without a contract, in fact, was anti-crisis measure companies to get "live" money during the acute phase of the crisis. Now, as the release of the economy from recession, developers are returning to the original concept development, and therefore the plots without a contract for up to 20 km from the capital is gradually leave the market.

"The proposal plots without a contract shifted to areas with an additional and mandatory contract for construction", - says Victor Kovalenko. Emerging from crisis, the developer is not profitable to sell land for development, and has already completed project. "New projects at a distance of 20 km from Kiev - is the vast majority of cottage settlements with areas of the contract, - said Victor Kovalenko. - In 2011, projects with a land without a contract will not exceed 20".
Victor Kovalenko
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