Chamber villages: how much privacy out of town?

31.08.2011 00:15
Articles about real estate | Chamber villages: how much privacy out of town? Privacy - this is what is especially appreciated by the inhabitants of villages chamber. Rather than fuss megalopolis they choose peace, tranquility, life in nature, the possibility at any moment to go out and walk through the woods ... It costs a round sum.

From mouth to mouth

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Chamber of the village - it is quite unusual and narrow format of real estate. It is rare to find an advertisement for the sale of houses in these villages internet or in print media, the information is usually transmitted by word of mouth, through close friends or work colleagues. What is is this mysterious format property?

The word "chamber" refers to a limited number of households. In these villages, as a rule, there are 10, 15, a maximum of 25 houses. "Most often, the number of households depend on the size of the area under construction, which is a developer," - says Ekaterina Thain, Partner, Director of Residential Property Chesterton. Chamber, according to Dmitry Tsvetkov, director of the Department of suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty, is determined by themselves rather small number of households and the limited nature of the village, rather than the size of land holdings. The ideal chamber settlement - is framed by a forest glade, which is 15-20 homes.

Feature of this village is that it runs in the same architectural style, with each house, fitting into the overall concept is the individual. "The range of the area of these settlements can be quite broad, but mostly from 2 to 7 hectares - says Yuri Sinyaev, director of marketing for the group of companies Konti. - Area households also varies, but considering that most intimate villages belong to the category of business and the elite class, small area of houses they do not happen. The average area of the structure varies from 400 to 1000 square meters. m, but may be more. In addition to 5.4 bedrooms in the cottages have a large number of secondary facilities.

Children lie on travePomimo exclusivity and privacy, the added advantage of chamber villages - an opportunity for residents to get acquainted with all its neighbors, which increases the level of psychological comfort and safety. In addition, settlements are high quality and level of service. In fact, there may fulfill every whim for your money. For example, heat and serve the car to the front door of your house or park it in the garage, thus freeing the owner of the property from the everyday trivia.

Places Promised

Chamber located villages in any direction and distance from Moscow. They meet on the near and far Rublevke on Novorizhskoye, Simferopol, Minsk directions. "No one limits the developer or group of people who decided to build a settlement chamber, a choice of place", - says Dmitry Tsvetkov. And yet most of them, according to Catherine Thain, focus on the Rublyovo-Uspensky highway (with the exception of village mine layer at Kaluga highway). Often these settlements are found in reservoirs, often located in a wooded area.

The minimum set of infrastructure, which includes a security service and operating company, present in all the towns chamber. Since most of them are located on the ruble and the New Riga, which is the most advanced in terms of infrastructure areas, the particular need to expand domestic infrastructure there. In addition, it would be an additional financial burden for residents. It is known that the contents of each of the infrastructure facility, located in the village is included in your monthly payments. In this sense, the "chamber" size of housing is no different from conventional suburban development. But these costs are much higher because the number of owners is much less. "For the village, for example, 20 households own the content of the fitness center with pool will cost quite expensive", - Ekaterina Thain gives an example.

If this village is located on the shore of the reservoir, it is likely there will be a marina, you can often find helipads. Incidentally, contrary to popular belief, the cost of the helipad is not so great. According to Dmitry Tsvetkov, if desired, it can afford to do one on your own site. "In fact, she does not particularly different from the car park. The only difference is that geometrically this site looks different, instead of a rectangle circle, and it installed additional lighting. Device helipad will cost $ 15 thousand, "- said the expert.

Before the exorbitant sums
Pricing in the chamber villages, according to Catherine Thain, does not depend directly on their size. Evaluate the quality of construction, design, plot size, distance from Moscow, as well as demand for houses in the village. "For example, in Nikolino, where the number of households is large enough, compared with the chamber of towns, the prices are above average due to consistently high demand", - said the expert. In this case, from some relatively small cash value of the home can reach exorbitant sums adds Dmitry Tsvetkov, when it comes to a cottage in the village chamber, located in Zhukovka or Barvikha.

Now on sale is the settlement of Ever Green Rublyovo-Uspensky highway (15 km from Moscow). His area of 600-900 sq homeownership. meters are located on 18-30 acres. Such a property is worth, according to Yuri Siniaeva, from $ 3,150,000 to $ 4,150,000. Another village, Notting Hill, is on Novorizhskoye highway (23 km from Moscow). Here plots smaller - 12-20 acres, an area households - 420-470 square meters. m. expert says a small range of prices, which range from $ 1,250,000 to $ 2,200,000.

With the onset of crisis, property developers have rushed to sell the plots without a contract, especially the practice has spread in the segment of economy class. With regard to chamber settlements, similar proposals are extremely rare. "The newly proposed sites without a contract in the village Boscone (Novorizhskoe highway). This is a small town, it just 11 houses - says Yuri Sinyaev. - One of the allotments has been an area of 117 hectare and cost $ 30 thousand sq.m.. Such cases are rare, since the concept of chamber settlements is well thought out, the area houses, the architectural appearance of the village houses and pre-defined ".

According to Dmitry Tsvetkov, usually offer plots without a contract in the chambered settlements occurs when a mastered a small meadow. But at the same sites are very expensive, because it implies some sort of exclusive natural component. "The cost of the site will be equal to the market value of land in this place. It is clear that if the land in the village is located on a small beautiful meadow, bordered by forest, it will cost more than a piece of land in the middle of a clean field. In the scenic spots of land price is always higher. However, positioning the chamber as the settlement would not increase the cost of land. Near Zvenigorod have several chamber settlements, which now offers plots without a contract "
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