Celebrate Halloween at home

31.10.2011 01:00
Articles about real estate | Celebrate Halloween at home Even if you think about, like the author to those people who are contraindicated for "horror", but after a psychological thriller you can not sleep once a year to get a good dose of adrenaline and you will wind up only benefit. The main thing - to approach the issue carefully and with style! And then the whole year, you'll be able to remember how much, train zhasno fun ... you were the last day of October!

Needless to say, the national holiday will not name, but since the 90s, this Celtic significant date has already become a traditional occasion for fun and fancy-dress carnival riot. Usually the institutions of the city theme parties start in the last weekend of October: fun we used to, so that the morning had something to listen to witnesses. And such incendiary "speeches", whatever you say, good morning, when there are no cases, and we can be alone with themselves and with the effervescent tablet of aspirin.

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By the way, part of the festivities in Moscow - they will participate even Moscow Zoo! - And will be held next week, after the upcoming weekend. In the end, the week will be short, anticipating a long holiday weekend, so the incentive to hold it lightly there. But the details of where and how to mark Halloween in Moscow next week, we'll tell you apart. Here we talk about how "off" at home.
Beauty - p-p-Rashnu power!

First and foremost, about design and costumes. Of course, the central "figure" of the holiday - a pumpkin. You can draw it as a traditional flashlight, you can paint some pumpkins, inflicting on them the motives that are close to you. Better, of course, choose something pouzhasnee and at the same time pozhivopisnee. You can just buy more pumpkins and place them everywhere, mixing with candles (red, yellow and orange - your assistant), and disposable utensils. Curtains are also a good idea to make a black and orange. Note you can take the experience of foreign colleagues: a very popular method, when the front door make out, as at Christmas (the most important holiday in the capitalist West) - hang a wreath, just ... black. Of course, all sorts of spiders, snakes, lizards, bats and other cute little animals to help you liven up the usual interior and create a good holiday mood.

Background music also enhance the atmosphere (take has become a classic soundtrack to "Twin Peaks"). Order online or purchased in stores that sell merchandise for the holiday, the costumes will not be difficult! By the way, if you spend money on a costume that is worn once, do not want, you can:

• take his rent;
• use the popular coupon sites today that offer, in particular, the Halloween costumes for a discount of almost 75%;

• or make a costume out of scrap materials. You can only buy a mask or some costume elements, and the rest pick up from your own wardrobe. By the way, in search of a good support accessories - online shops selling paraphernalia for fans of anime.
Menu for vampires and witches for competitions

Of course, "Bloody Mary" - the right to hit a party! But red wine with the right light looks just as good! Anyway, do not hesitate to experiment, create! The simplest cocktails you can come up with blood-curdling names! "Zombie" and "Kiss of Dracula" - only the most basic options ...

The same applies to the menu. Cook just a fantasy and turn on the stage, serving and "naming". And if most of the guests - fans of steak with blood, the problem is simplified!

And, of course, what holiday without the cultural program! No, of course, dancing on tables, triggered by a cocktail of your authorship - it is also good, but made up in advance of the holiday program can greatly enhance the antidepressant effect of the event.

Contests easily invented "on the knee." For example, the author of his time ever to play in the "Mummy". What do you think, it was hard? Not at all! And the idea was born of offhand. Guests are split into pairs, each pair is provided with ... a roll of toilet paper - and more! Who will make faster and better team-mate of the mummy, he is a winner.

In preparation for the upcoming party, we met online and the option of children's play "Tainted phone": in the dark (of course), participants sit in a room number and talk to each other's ears by a chain of anything necessarily associated with the horrors, vampires and other evil spirits. Then compare the initial and final option - and enjoy the effect. You can play in summer camp and all in the same darkness, telling each other horror stories. The main thing - find out in advance if there are any among the guests who can not tolerate such entertainment: people with weak nerves horror stories are quite capable of not a little to spoil the mood. In general, any game in which a pleasure to play at a party, from the "City" to "Mafia", can be easily adapted to the celebration of Halloween. What can we say about the costume contest or district show of witches. A time to "accidentally" broken plugs will add the right atmosphere.

So ... merry holiday! And take care of health: a day ahead of Beaujolais Nouveau ...

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