Castles of Europe are snapping up the rich

27.10.2010 08:40
Castles of Europe are snapping up bogachiBogatye people often buy houses, manor houses and even castles. In recent years it has become fashionable to acquire ancient real estate, antiques, because it is also only the monumental. This romantic, and good value for money at the same time. Moreover, not all purchasers reside in their castles.

Many rich people acquire locks in order to benefit, they make near the golf course or other entertainment, even though someone and moved to a new residence. On all corners of Europe scattered many castles belonging to different ages. There are real masterpieces and palaces, there are older and modest, they are all equally highly regarded in the market. The biggest demand is for such facilities in France and Germany. This is due to the abundance and locks themselves in these places, and history. The legendary Holy Empire in Germany has left many architectural fragments of the past, while France has always been a trendsetter. Although you can not find a lot less interesting, but not as expensive apartments and in countries such as Czech Republic, Italy and Spain. Everyone chooses for himself something of their own, it is a pity that mere mortals can not always admire this beauty up close.
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