Carefully, repair: the danger of building materials

04.01.2011 16:00
Articles about real estate | Carefully, repair: the danger of building materials Approximately half of his life, a person spends in the apartment, and yet, according to environmentalists, the air in our homes and offices in 6 - 8 times dirtier and more toxic than outside!

Building finishing materials market is full of various proposals. The buyer presents a difficult choice: have to take into account not only their own taste preferences, but also the size of the apartment, and, most importantly, environmentally friendly finishing materials. According to experts of the World Health Organization, only a quarter of construction and finishing materials on the Russian market can be used to repair the apartment, because they fully comply with environmental standards. The main sources of this pollution are precisely the materials that are used in construction and decoration of apartments and making furniture.

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Available data in the field of the environment in which a person lives, indicate that many chemical compounds, even in minute amounts, can cause a variety of downstream and character reactions.

From chemical contaminants most frequently and actively affect the body of formaldehyde, phenol, ammonia, toluene, cement and silicate microscopic dust. In this case, the source of air pollution in the apartment are all building and decoration materials: cement, concrete, insulation, carpet, coatings and paints, plasters and materials from which the furniture is made. Particularly polluted atmosphere is immediately after the completion of all repair work, because the materials emit the maximum amount of harmful substances, which creates a huge concentration of them in the air. This happens despite the fact that, individually, each of the materials used complies with hygiene control and not dangerous to humans. However, all materials create air pollution is several times greater than all the rules, which can lead to kidney, liver, decreased immunity, sometimes irreversible effects on the respiratory and central nervous system.


Double-glazed windows installed in homes for better energy efficiency and protection from external noise. In most cases, the glass is not the most important part - the air gap. This is particularly evident in the homes of old buildings where the ventilation system was planned under the then applicable window units.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used across all industries and in every apartment there is not only in the form of frames for insulating glass, but also in the plumbing pipes, and any consumer or computer equipment, utensils, toys and so on. Harmful substances such as phthalates and dioxins, are distinguished from PVC only in the combustion process at 200 ° C. 60 ° C PVC is not a source of harmful emissions. Formally, the plastic windows are not considered completely clean, but they are harmless to health and a much lower cost than counterparts made from natural wood.

What to do. Check for vent valve.

Wood - an environmentally friendly material, but it can easily spoil the painting.

Choosing the linoleum, laminate or carpet, you need to make sure that the material had no specific chemical smell. It should also be noted that a significant part of the selection of these substances in the atmosphere of the apartment has the use of mastic or varnish. The fact is that cheap synthetic varnishes containing toluene and xylene, which are used as solvents. These chemicals can cause irritation of mucous membranes, and various skin diseases and even cause serious nervous system disorders. The glue that ties the board may allocate toluene and acetone - a toxic substance.

If you decide to make the laminate flooring, you should not purchase and install a cheaper product, because there is a risk of increased emissions of formaldehyde in the atmosphere for which the laminate of the cheapest materials is a source. The more expensive laminates tend to environmentally safe. Linoleum is made from PVC, so its safety is higher, but on condition that non-toxic glue is used during installation.

If you want to use in the manufacture of floor stone or granite, will not be superfluous to the radiological study of the material, to avoid high concentration of radon. Stone, often granite and brick, concrete, sand quarrying from disadvantaged can be a source of increased radiation.

What should I do? Read carefully the composition of the materials used.

When repairing the walls should not hurry and facilitate his task, acquiring and using superelasticity, and quick-drying putty. It is they, after drying, a source separation of phenol. In no event should not be used for finishing the walls inside the flats dry mixtures intended for facades. Wallpaper is best to buy paper and adhesives used on starch or casein. Non-woven or vinyl wallpaper are synthetic and do not guarantee environmental cleanliness in the apartment. Despite the fact that the wallpaper of the leading European manufacturers do not turn yellow, do not fade, do not abrade, can hide the defects of the walls and have many other advantages, these are elite interior coating for quality housing - spacious rooms with high ceilings, and mechanical ventilation. Before buying a must read the terms of use, appointment and term of validity of purchased goods.

Ceramic tile is almost ideal for finishing the environmental point of view, but be very careful with buying glue! Read the staff - it may contain phenol and toluene.

What to do. In the modern design of apartments are rarely used glass fiber, they are fairly good choice for interior decoration. In the West, where the requirements for environmental safety is much higher than in Russia, namely steklooboyami plastered on most modern facilities. As a basis for the glass wall is a special glass, made from natural ingredients such as silica sand, dolomite, lime and soda, which are exposed to extremely high temperatures are processed in the so-called glass, used to make yarn and woven cloth wallpaper. This ensures not only environmentally clean, but also helps to avoid the breeding ground for all sorts of microorganisms in the wall coverings.

The simplest and most accessible material for the repair of the ceiling is a latex paint. It fits if you stain concrete ceilings, and if the apartment ceiling constructed of plasterboard. If you want to do the ceiling, it is better to choose an environmentally-friendly materials - aluminum, it does not emit any harmful chemical elements. However, it is worth considering the fact that the ceiling is pylenakopitelem, and this leads to the fact that the air quality deteriorates in the apartment. Stretch ceilings in an apartment can be installed, but you should know that at least three or more months after their installation, most of them allocates phenol.

Wrong connection of wiring, power cables or electric heaters may be a source of very strong electromagnetic pollution. Electromagnetic field at the same time can be several times higher than standards. Serious enough to influence the increase of this level can and popular in today's world the so-called warm floor, especially if it's an engineering solution is designed as a single heating element. Escape somehow it is not possible, and the average level of the electromagnetic field in this case leads to a breach of all norms are about ten times. Constructed by a system of two filaments warm floors reduce the background in half, but it is not recommended to use them in such rooms apartment as a bedroom or children's rooms. The effect of electromagnetic fields on the human body can cause headache, fatigue, frequent and even more serious consequences - dysfunction of the genitourinary system, the development of cancer and other diseases.

What to do. As possible to minimize the time spent in places where electrical equipment and wiring, especially children.

Ideally, it would move all households to immediate relatives and intensive air renovated housing, while the impact of the background is reduced to a minimum.

Smaller problems can not bring illegal remodeling apartments. Without a literate approach to movement in the apartment premises for various purposes, such as placing a bathroom above or below the living room neighbors. As a result of such manipulations in the apartment appear mold fungi, saprophytes and other harmful bacteria that can cause considerable damage to health.

This also applies to a breach of Technology insulation of walls: with a lack of ventilation inside the walls on the thermal insulating materials begin to accumulate moisture, which has no possibility of escape. During repairs to the ventilation system is necessary to approach carefully. If necessary, is to put the humidifier if the indoor air is too dry flat. Lesions treated bacteria antiseptic, to install filters that can provide protection against bacterial contamination, or to purchase an ultraviolet lamp. We must not forget that microbiological contamination affecting primarily on the development of a person of different respiratory illnesses, mold spores and fungi cause exacerbation in people with allergies.

To create a clean and safe environment in your home, it is important to know a few simple rules:

1. Conduct radiological examination of the material before purchase.
2. Do not use materials that accelerate or improve the processes (fast-drying, instant, superplasticity, etc.).
3. Use only proven and high-quality interior materials.
4. Upon completion of repairs to high-quality environmental assessment: measurement of gamma radiation, electric and magnetic fields, chemical analysis of the contents of the air. With such a comprehensive examination can determine the level of pollution, to compare it with existing Russian standards, and discover all the sources of pollution to be able to fix them and avoid the impact on the health of your family.

Do not rush to give money for repairs

Each of us at least once faced with repairing the apartment, cottage or office, and he knows how much even a small cosmetic repairs.

Often the builders in a loud voice shouting about their qualifications, which is really poor.

The use of substandard materials overdue, breach of construction technologies, attraction of cheap labor - all this greatly reduces the time periodicity of repairs.

Today you have a unique opportunity to test the quality of repairs before the transfer of money to builders.

Do not hurry to part with their money, check whether the repairs meet your needs.
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