Can I write a man out of the apartment without his consent?

03.04.2011 09:55
Articles about real estate | Can I write a man out of the apartment without his consent? After a divorce, the ex-wife is trying to write a man from the apartment - the case will be resolved only in court, experts say, wrote UBR.

Can relatives be removed from registration of a person without his consent, even if he lives in another city? Who to contact to the apartment is not kicked out?

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For UBR.UA commented Alex Malik, a lawyer:

"Up to 6 months for a family member or other person who owns a residential area, retain the right to preserve his living space - namely, a residence permit. For this he must submit documents to the registration authorities at his residence that he was removed from the register, t . is, will not live at this address. He will pass the departure to the address where he will reside after the fact and may be registered in the passport service in the register at his place of temporary residence.

After 6 months of the term preserve his residence and the residential area can be extended. First - this is in agreement in this situation with his ex-wife. Ate wife does not agree, there is a real factual basis to keep him living area - in this case provides a judicial procedure.

This is done only in the courts. Ie wife should gather documents proving that her husband is absent without excuse more than 6 months at this location and at the same time lost the right to use the residential premises.

You must apply to the housing office: on the address where written down so many people, please check the compliance of the passport regime. Ie commission composed of housing department comes home, looks in fact to help those who registered in the apartment, and who at the time of inspection resides. Interrogate the neighbors, residents of the entrance: living here this or do not live. "
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