Can I register in the cottage?

08.11.2010 15:56
If you plan to buy a cottage to live in it, be careful, because you may have difficulty with registration.<br /><br />Under Ukrainian law, the concept of "registration" - "is entering data in the passport of the place of residence or stay with an address housing." Most of the houses it has not, since they are assigned the status of objects of temporary residence. To see if you can get a residence permit in your home, the lawyers advised to pay attention to the category of land on which it is located. By law, there are several categories of land, where permitted to build housing, wrote UBR.<br /><br />"The first category - the building of residential or public building. It is the most recommended, that is, in this case the problem should not be, because this house is inhabited. And, as a rule, if it is within the settlement, there should be no problems . If the category is another example, in particular, it could be holiday home, so, or it may be a garden house, respectively, the category of land will be different in this case.<br /><br />And the problem is that these homes, they usually do not address at all. And physically attached to any particular address is impossible. And accordingly, the registration of residence may be in such a case is also impossible, "- said the lawyer Anton Kravchenko.<br /><br />If you already own a cottage and can not be registered, lawyers are advised to go to court. Although there are problems.<br /><br />"The situation here is that such treatment is necessary to prove that alternative accommodation for the person not. And for this you must provide some evidence that such housing does not exist. While the State Register does not work, and such information can not be obtained. As soon as it starts work, in principle, it is theoretically possible to do that is to prove that other dwelling or dwelling of the person in possession is not.<br /><br />But it is difficult to imagine how you can register a person in the house, which itself has no address. Especially, if located outside of settlement, "- said the lawyer Anton Kravchenko.<br /><br />So, when buying a lawyers advise primarily interested in the status of popular among the villa.<br />UBR<br />
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