Can I buy a cottage on the Internet?

12.10.2010 12:11
Comfortable and modern accommodation in the countryside has always been a dream of every inhabitant of a large metropolis. In addition, the acquisition of suburban real estate may be the most stable and profitable investment of money even in a raging financial crisis. This may explain that today the focus of many Ukrainians drawn to the suburban real estate market. As always, leading region in this market remains Kyiv region.

Today, development companies are forced to lead a more flexible policy in relation to customers and the market are widely represented suburban housing of various price categories - from luxury to affordable housing economy class. In this case, the cost of housing of any class in the current environment is the most attractive. These factors significantly extend the capabilities of potential buyers who now have a chance to acquire the object of his dreams at an affordable price.

After the buyer has decided to buy a country house, the next step is to choose housing and method of its acquisition. It is at this stage and start the main difficulties which are caused by a large number of operating companies in the market. Country house, even if it does not shelter the elite class, and economical town house, is in any case, a very large purchase, making the buyer bears serious risks.

In modern conditions, with the rapid development of telecommunications, more and more commonplace for sale a wide variety of goods via the Internet. Is no exception and suburban real estate market. Most operators in this market have their own websites through which consumers actively offer holiday homes of various price categories are located in many different directions at different distances from Kiev.

However, the definition of conservatism, many customers can not choose to purchase a cottage over the Internet. To stop their weight factors may, however, if you look, most of these factors are psychological, such as the lack of direct physical contact with the seller. Often, these fears are caused by ignorance of basic principles of trade through the Internet and the opportunities it provides to the buyer.

Indeed, the acquisition of a country house through the World Wide Web allows you to save not only time but also money, which in normal circumstances, would go to pay for the services of intermediaries. In addition, this method of buying Gilles offers consumers a unique opportunity to obtain a complete and exhaustive information about gaining an object compare prices of different developers, and do truly informed choice. Such extensive consultations can not get over the phone. This year the Ukrainian market was a new portal-of-town and foreign real estate, providing reliable and most complete database on the cottage towns of Ukraine, the suburban new buildings, a base for foreign real estate and secondary market suburban real estate.

This high-quality site with high information content (news, articles, analytics), and the design is the first sign of a trustworthy seller. The site not only contains a detailed description of the proposed company houses, but also substantial gallery selling objects, transparent information about the services of the company and its volume of transactions, etc. updated regularly and offers visitors only the latest information about selling holiday homes, new buildings and current prices.

Another factor that is causing concern among buyers of cottages, is that the real estate market has a large number of unscrupulous operators, and sometimes outright fraud, and that the internet is for them the most convenient medium. Of course, such fears are not unfounded. Indeed, to create a quality site can and unscrupulous companies, buying a home in which can bring disappointment and even cause serious problems and troubles in the future.

Note, however, that the Internet is also an open and transparent so the source from which to draw objective information about any object. If a company positioning itself through its own website as a major operator of the property market, manifests itself in the market with the negative side, such behavior is inevitably reflected in the form of numerous times among Internet users.

The same can be said for decent companies, whose activities are characterized by positive feedback in the network. Therefore, when choosing a development company should carefully read the information about it on third-party resources - forums, portals, etc.

Simultaneously on a single resource contains information on the regions of Ukraine, useful information about companies and services associated with providing services to the suburban real estate market and related market segments.

In summary, we can say that buying a cottage over the Internet is an excellent alternative to traditional ways of shopping. Subject to simple rules based on an elementary common sense, this way of purchasing not only become a source of additional risks associated with the acquisition of suburban housing, but also enable many of these risks safely avoided.

This method also allows us to obtain detailed information about all aspects of purchased housing. Another important advantage is the savings of mediation, which, when buying such expensive goods as a vacation home, poured in a fairly noticeable amount.
Victor Kovalenko
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