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11.09.2010 15:00
Prices for these homes and apartments reach astronomical values, but the objects themselves do not seem out of this world. All of them are, quite simply, insanely luxurious and expensive. True, understanding the need of privacy means that the exact price sometimes can not be specified. But we can at least look to how people live.

Interestingly, all but three sites are located either in the U.S. or the UK, experts think tank "Real Estate Market Indicators." Although the most expensive house in the world does not belong to the Old nor the New World. They found the building "Antilla in Mumbai, India. Its price varies between $ 1-2 billion

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This 27-storey house of Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani and Nita area of more than 3700 square meters, is the most expensive in the world. From the hallway you can get a nine elevators: two of them are in the 6-story garage, three - in the designated guest of the house, which occupies about a quarter of the building, two - for the Ambani family members in their apartments, and two - for the staff. Although, it seems, two elevators, cramped servants: the building serves as many as 600 people.

Among the main attractions - the reception hall with a ceiling of about 80% of the area which is occupied by crystal chandeliers. Two silver staircase leads to the center of the hall, for which the two carved doors open to showcase hiding behind them works of art. There is also a stage for performances of artists and speeches. A cuisine that rivals the size of this room, can feed several hundred guests. There are indoor and outdoor bars, a "green zone" and "bathroom suite" for the rest of guards and aides.

For aloof Indian nabob should Villa Leopold "on the French Riviera, which is estimated at approximately $ 506-750 million, it was built in 1902 by King Leopold II of Belgium and is owned by Lily Safra, widow of the Lebanese banker Edmond Safra, who died in an arson in Monaco in 2003 year. Accommodation occupied 7,500 square meters, is 19 bedrooms, playgrounds, bowling, several kitchens and dining rooms, a cinema. Over 50 gardeners employed on a full-time, provide lanshaftnye and park beauty "Leopold".

"Bronze" gets a London penthouse for $ 200 million at No. 1 on the Hyde Park only 82 apartments, but only one fully equipped penthouse. Its price - 6000 pounds per square foot - making it the most expensive apartment in the world. Although the house is protected by SAS (a British anti-terror special forces unit is considered one of the best in the world), equipped with shelters, which are also called "panic rooms, bulletproof glass, iris scanners and secret evacuation tunnel, this apartment - not just a fortress. It's the luxury.

Estate "Fairfield" in Hamptons is estimated at $ 170 million Manor Ira Rennert, occupying 25.5 hectares, is considered the largest apartment complex in the U.S.. About him we know that there are 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, a dining room length of 30 meters, 5 playgrounds, bowling and leisure complex for $ 150,000.

Few before him nedotyanula residence "Hurst" in Beverly Hills - $ 165 million previously owned media magnate William Randolph Hearst (who became the prototype of the main character in the film "Citizen Kane") the property consists of 29 bedrooms and 3 swimming pools and discotheques Theatre. Details of celebrity lovers will be interested to know that this complex appears in the frame of the film "The Godfather" and stayed there by President Kennedy before the trip on their honeymoon.

Villa Franchuk in Kensington (UK) is slightly cheaper - $ 161 million until 1997, this Victorian villa occupied the preparatory school for girls. In 2006, she was repaired and subsequently acquired Ukrainian philanthropist, directing funds to fight AIDS Olena Franchuk. The 5-storey house 10 bedrooms, an underground swimming pool, movie theater, a refuge, a sauna and gym.

World's most expensive ski lodge "Belvedere" in Montana, United States, an estimated $ 155 million, he belongs to Tim and Edrei Blikset and is located in a private ski and golf community, "Yellowstone Club, which allowed only billionaires. "Belvedere" with 10 bedrooms is equipped not only with underfloor heating throughout the house, and a heated driveway, and fireplaces in all bathrooms, a huge wine cellar, indoor and outdoor pools, gym and massage room.

Does not claim to a flight of fancy name "Manor" ($ 150 million) relates to the LA's estate, built for Aaron Spelling and Cindy in 1991. Until now "Manor" is home of Cindy. Here, 123 rooms, including an indoor ice rink, numerous pools, 3 kitchens. As well as sport courts, a private garden, a bowling alley. And when there are 123 rooms, it is not surprising that some of them are used for purposes not very common: for example, a museum of dolls, a special room for packing gifts and a whole floor, closet.

Estate Updown Court "in Uindlsheme, Surrey, United Kingdom, worth $ 139 million in his area about equal to the area leader of the rankings, as Mumbai's" poluneboskreb "exceeds the dimensions of one of the most famous buildings of the world - Buckingham Palace. Here, 103 rooms, a bowling alley, squash, cinema, 5 swimming pools, heated marble driveway and staircase modeled after established in the mansion of Gianni Versace in Miami. The 22 bedrooms, a mosaic floor made of 24 carat gold leaf, and 27 bathrooms.

Closes a prestigious list of "Dracula's Castle in Romania - the cost is $ 135 million Built in the late 14 th century Gothic castle was put up for sale in 2009. Despite the breathtaking views around, and a rich history, covered with mysticism, it is not as roomy as mentioned. Here, only 57 rooms, including 17 bedrooms.
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