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21.11.2011 15:21
Portal not just talking about the most remarkable and unusual homes. For real estate in the form of cakes and pastries, aircraft, fungi, and even Adolf Hitler, you can add a few more intricate buildings. This time we present another series of similar facilities built at various times since the early 20th century to the present day.

House of turf, located on a peninsula Bakkagerdi that the north-east Iceland. Such a method of construction is quite traditional for this "country of glaciers." This "construction material" allows you to save and sound insulation to protect against negative phenomena, writes The Telegraph.

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Back in 1400 a wealthy merchant tissues has lived and worked in the house gallery type. But over time, wood species, of which the house was made a few deformed, leading to a distortion of the house.

In 1923 this building was a water tower in the English county of Suffolk. Over time, builders izobritetelnye "fit" the house on top of the tower. Now the former water tower, better known as "house in the clouds" boasts five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Argentine artist Tito (pictured) has created a house with his hands. To do this, he needed only a couple of thousands of empty glass bottles. Perhaps this construction has caused significant damage to the health of the artist.

This inverted house, located in the German city Bispingene, more popularly known as a "madhouse." Now this is a new dostoprimechatnlnost Germany.

Recall that the U.S. real estate market also has some fun and unusual houses, which form its quirkiness may confuse even the venerable architects. "House-fungus", a giant castle Crantzdorf and the so-called "village sculptures" are not only shocked by their appearance, but also the cost, which sometimes reaches tens of millions of dollars. 
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