Cabinet prepares bill allowing to select an apartment for the debts of housing and communal services

11.09.2010 19:32
Mykola Azarov's government initiates a bill that would confiscate citizens' housing for late payment of utility services.

This was stated by Minister of Labour and Social Policy of the opposition government, Andrew Pawlowski, the press service of BYuT, says Case.

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He said that relevant government bill, which Parliament will be considered at the beginning of the next session of parliament invited to the January 1, 2011 to cancel a temporary ban on charging people with fines for late payment of utility services.

According to Pavlovsky, the legislation provides that such a ban is in effect until the existence of the state of arrears of wages, pensions and scholarships.

"Since coming to power of Yanukovich and Azarov this debt is only growing, particularly in recent months it has increased by more than 300 million hryvnia, especially in the Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions - which have traditionally supported the Party of Regions," - he said.

Pavlovsky also said that, according to official government data, the population is calculated for gas and housing services for more than 85%, while debt of enterprises Teplokommunenergo for gas is about 60%.

"The question is: what difference disappears at 25%? In whose pockets are billions of hryvnia? "- He said.

Minister of Labour and Social Policy, the opposition government also said that the government Azarov raised the gas price for population by 50% this year and another 50% planning to raise the following. However, according to Pavlovsky, there is information that the regional gas companies that are owned by businessman Dmitry Firtash, owed for natural gas of 10 billion hryvnia.

"So maybe it would be better government Azarov levy payable to Firtash than tear three skins and take a penalty with the people they owe wages?", - Said Pavlovsky.

He noted that the revised "regionals" The Civil Code allows for the case of late payment of utility services and failure to pay fines to confiscate citizens' housing.

"That is, instead, to assist poor families and pensioners, the government Azarov contrary will throw them into the street and in a country with a growing army of unemployed will increase the number of homeless people" - summed up Pavlovsky.
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