Cabinet invites the Ukrainians to live in cheap houses

02.09.2010 09:47
Articles about real estate | Cabinet invites the Ukrainians to live in cheap houses Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine promised that Kiev will be street of houses built on new technologies. They can not only see, but even stay in them for several days. How useful such houses for a living and when they were erected, found "Izvestiya in Ukraine".

Ukrainians used to build for the ages

Stated the project to be completed before the end of this year - the beginning of next. When used for construction of 28 new technologies that reduce the cost of building one-, two-storey houses. Instead of the traditional expensive materials - stone, brick, shingles, boards, keramblokov - will be applied frame construction, sandwich panels, special concrete with foam. "This is our future. In fact, such materials can significantly reduce the cost of construction. These technologies are used in Canada and the USA. They can reduce the cost per square meter to 3000 UAH, - told the Minister of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine Vladimir Yatsuba.

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I agree with the official and member of the Ukrainian Academy of Architecture, Director of the architect's office, Vladimir Shkrogal: "For the new technology future. All of America is living in such pre-fabricated buildings. I traveled a lot and I can say with certainty that Europeans live only in the low-rise buildings. Kiev-rise - is not the most auspicious place for a long stay, even on sanitary standards are not recommended to live above the eleventh floor.

Promotion of new construction technologies in the Ukrainian market - it's not one year. The reason for this conservatism and wariness of the population. We are used to build for the ages. "Our company uses in the construction of brick, concrete, tile, wood. This is not the most accessible material. We no longer focus on those materials, which used to our customers and therefore our customers - people with above-average affluence. Prices per square meter of such housing around $ 1000, it is not ekonomzhile "- told" Izvestiya in Ukraine "the head of cottage" Severynivka Oleg Khomenko.

"We are still very conservative. If I built the house himself, of course, I would like to try new technology, but most likely would have cost the old-fashioned "- supports counterpart Vladimir Shkrogal. "The presence around the house a little land and interior - these ingredients for success in the construction of townhouses, - the expert believes. - Nowhere in the world do not pass such houses as we do - bare walls, requiring a lot more investment. If this project to make a well-prepared surface under the wallpaper and flooring, it is not only a great item cheaper for the buyer, and a good marketing ploy for the seller. Oh, and a piece of land, at least for the beds and lounge chairs.

In "New Home" "Izvestiya in Ukraine" was told that a program of construction of affordable housing has long been run independently for the panel-framing technology, without government assistance. The price for homes in the suburbs are very attractive - from $ 15,000. The average price for the products - $ 700 per square meter.

Cheap houses to be built on the outskirts of Kiev

In early June, the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction has promised that the first houses to be built by early this fall, but even the new technologies were powerless over the remaining term. Delayed the development of conceptual design, the solution property and legal issues. Once again, hopes were drowned in a bureaucratic quagmire.

Place for construction has not yet chosen. Originally planned to build a test version of buildings on the territory of the former Exhibition of Economic Achievements, but it would have had to disassemble after the show, so it was decided to build a house near Kiev, and after the show put up for sale. Now we consider plots of Boryspil, near the village of Khotyanovka or at the Red Farm. On the timing of the allocation of land in the suburb of Kiev, and many know not by hearsay, so long as it does not move beyond words. Minister Vladimir Yatsuba noticed that for large-scale implementation of such projects in the Kiev region of the earth is not, so construction is deployed in the regions.

Companies are ready to build for free, but summing up to the houses on the new street of communication and servicing residential area - this is another problem officials publicized the project "came - looked - settled - I live." First Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction Anatoly Golden Eagle reported that the construction of communications facilities to affordable housing can not pass through the builder, but for state or municipal money. "We need to adjust this normative question with those who supply gas, electricity and heat. If the engineering network constructed by state funds, then naturally, they are transferred to the balance of the operating organizations, and since they are usually private, they must buy their own ", - said Anatoliy Berkut. This approach to the issue also requires time for the legislative regulation and, consequently, delaying project deadlines.

"I doubt that the project will be implemented this fall. Problems abound. This functional area, and materials selection, and selection of the technologies themselves, they are adequate. You can say a lot, but only gets a not so fast ", - said Vladimir Shkrogal.

Importantly - to the wind not blown away

Canadian technology allows you to build all kinds of low-rise buildings such as from residential to nursery schools and motels. In the production-based frame-panel construction with structural insulating panels. The people are called "sandwiches" or sandwich panels.

As promised the Ukrainian companies that use this technology, such construction is available for even the most minimal budget. Structure costs twice cheaper than brick buildings of the same area. These homes are warm, simple to use, do not shrink, heats up quickly and retain heat well, which gives an opportunity to significantly save on heating. Period - 50-80 years. How to say the developers, this house can be built, rather, to collect, as a designer for two weeks for simple circuits and even without the help of experts. This further reduces cost.

"All these technologies are similar in character building, they are fabricated, effective and relatively inexpensive. The difference in specific things - for example, in the construction of the frame, finishing materials, insulation. Cheaper occurs mainly through the use of artificial materials, "- explained" Izvestiya in Ukraine "the director of Sebastopol network building supermarkets" Maximum "Constantine Ikonnikov.

Among the shortcomings of technology is often called poor ventilation. "Any house, it was built on the new or old technology, requires additional ventilation systems. This special holes for ventilation in the windows, and a good drawing in the bathrooms ", - says Vladimir Shkrogal.

But even with the limited budget experts advise to study all the offers on the market, get estimates to independent professionals and not go after a very low price. New construction technologies are promising for Ukraine, they may be the solution to the problem of housing for many families. It remains only to decide for themselves - believe or not believe, wait for help from the Government or, until new technologies are not as popular and therefore cheaper, to use the services of companies pioneering in this market.
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