Cabinet has cut funding for the cheaper mortgage on 630 mln

07.12.2012 00:00
Articles about real estate | Cabinet has cut funding for the cheaper mortgage on 630 mln The Cabinet of Ministers ordered to cut funding for the program reduce the costs of mortgages for affordable housing for people in need of better housing, for 0.63 billion USD - to 0.37 billion USD, redistributing the money to the other three programs. Government Decree № 973-r of 28 November 2012 has increased funding for the renovation and construction of centralized drainage in Odessa 4 million USD, reconstruction and construction of water treatment facilities and other facilities for the protection of the waters of the Azov-Black Sea basin and the rivers Dnieper and Donets from contamination - 170 mln.

The remaining 456 million UAH decided to direct the construction, reconstruction and development, repair work on the priorities of state and regional significance.

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In addition, this same document, the Government further redirected local budgets UAH 1.63 billion from funds previously provided to small caps and debt service costs.

The largest amounts were dopsredstv Kiev (318.091 mln) and Donetsk (143.801 mln.), Dnipropetrovsk (131.009 million USD) and Ivano-Frankivsk (111.959 mln) area. The smallest amount allocated Volyn (2.486 million USD) and the Transcarpathian (9.427 mln) regions.

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