By Concha Zaspa cut forest reserve

18.05.2012 12:45
Articles about real estate | By Concha Zaspa cut forest reserve In a landscape reserve "Obukhov," cut down the forest near Kiev. Presumably, the loggers clearing the area of ​​protected forest under the future building cottages, says Case.

In a landscape reserve local "Obukhov," located in a wooded area Concha Zaspa unknown felled trees.

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Felled trunks are cut into the ground and take out, and wood residues raked into large piles and burned in the middle of the protected area. This was reported by an eyewitness, an activist of the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine Oleksandr Sokolenko.

"There is a danger that the loggers thus clearing the area of ​​protected forest under the future building houses. Despite the fact that current legislation prohibits the transfer to private ownership of the objects of natural reserve fund in recent years on the internet and on billboards along the Highway Capital posted ads proposal to purchase land in the "Obukhov," Sanctuary "- told Sokolenko.

According to him, according to yet an approved general plan of the village Kozin, territory ladshaftnogo reserve "Obukhov" generally attributed to the lands of dwelling houses.

"Also in 2010, Kosinski village council decision was made to the virtual elimination of the reserve, although, according to the law" On the nature reserve fund, "such decisions are not in the competence of the rural councils, and therefore have no legal force," - said the activist.

Environmentalists have appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office and Interior Ministry with a request to stop the destruction of the sanctuary.

Together with the Director-forest-park management "Concha Zaspa" Anatoly Kul says that while there is no reason to worry.

"All the cuttings, which are now under way, planned production program on the basis of forest management, which takes place every 10 years. Also planned sanitary and recreational activities. When wood dries out the roots, it is necessary to carry out clear-cutting, so you have the opportunity to plant the new plantation," - he said.

"There is no reason to worry. All the documents, approvals, limits - we have it. And we can give them to you and the prosecutor's office" - summed up Lantukh.

Recall that the village Kozin, which borders the famous Kiev and expensive villas, in 2011 developed the master plan, under which the village development boundary should significantly expand. Later it became known that MP Obukhov district council decided to change the boundaries of the reserve, "Obukhov."

According to this decision, some plots were removed from the territory of the Obukhov reserve "due to the loss of scientific and ecological value."
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