By 2011, in a cottage village Kiev region will be put up for sale 14,5 thousand households

06.07.2010 10:15
Articles about real estate | By 2011, in a cottage village Kiev region will be put up for sale 14,5 thousand households During the years 2005-2010. the number of cottage villages in 50 km suburbs of Kiev has increased by more than four times and now the town is 142 (including manual in various stages of design), of which 47 were put into operation.
During 2009, due to the crisis, there was a serious drop in the market, many projects have been frozen. However, there is already stabilization process, and are projected from the beginning of 2011 suburban real estate market will begin to actively climbing.
In the context of the number of households, the market is as follows:
  • Constructed - 47 cottage communities (more than 2,2 thousand households);
  • During the construction phase - 68 C (more than 11,5 thousand households);
  • In the process of design - 27 C (more than 7,7 thousand households);
  • During the development stage of the design - more than 10 MP.
Thus, at the beginning of 2011 to market the Kiev region for the first time in its history will come 120 cottage villages with 14.5 thousand households (in some of them will be carried out construction work, and some towns will be built).
In the month of July 2010 on sale with up to 2,500 households in 51 cottage-Kyiv region (only to be built in these towns about 6000 households, with about 2,400 units have been sold, the remaining items not yet displayed).
According to the study, the largest number of cottage settlements is in the Obukhov (33%, 47 pos.) Zhitomir (18%, 26 pos.) And Boryspil (13%, 19 pos.) Directions.

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Least of all - in Odessa (11%, 16 pos.) Brovasky (9%, 13 pos.) Vyshgorod (8%, 12 pos.) And Borodyanskyy (6%, 9 pos.).
The basic amount of cottage townships located in an area of 20 km. from city limits - 68% in the 20-30 km of concentrated 23%, and only 9% of proposals - more than 30 km. from Kiev.
Almost half (42.5%) of cottage settlements of the Kiev region (31,3% of households), at different stages of implementation (including construction), can be classified as "Business", 26,1% corresponds to the class " Economy "and" Economy + "(48% of households), and 32.4% belong to the elite category (" Premium "and" Deluxe ") - 20,8% of households.
In this case the structure offers maximum share (73%) homes sold at prices ranging from $ 200 thousand to $ 600 thousand upper limit value of the cottage within pyatidesyatikilometrovoy area is $ 9.093 million (Concha Zaspa). The average cottage will cost $ 300-350 thousand, and there are lower prices - from $ 88 thousand
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