Buying property in Spain will be safer

09.02.2011 09:34
This month, Parliament will consider a bill that would force municipalities to provide potential buyers documents containing specific information about the borders, the categories of land, utilities and building permits the property.

According to the Government of Spain, about 100 000 objects, constructed in the last decade may have for a "tail" of unresolved problems with building permits. In other words, many of them built illegally. Cases where such authorization shall be revoked "backdating" and objects otsuzhivalis the owners are not uncommon, reported the International Business Times.

According to Charles Svoboda, who owns a property in Valencia and in the eight years leading the litigation for its object, "is like a fairy tale" Alice in Wonderland. " Rules like the same as everywhere else, but in fact all turned inside backwards. "

Among other measures taken by the Spanish authorities in order to protect purchasers of property in this country - the court's decision, according to which investors have the right to withdraw its contribution for the object under construction in the event that its construction was not completed.

Recall that in the present market of Spain there is an excess supply (according to various estimates, it ranges from 350,000 to 1 million objects). In order to reduce it, the authorities need to ensure maximum security purchasers.
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