Buying land - risky business

26.03.2011 08:05
Articles about real estate | Buying land - risky business Land - this capital investment, so the approach should be buying with all the responsibility.

The first to begin the path to the fulfillment of desires in a country house almost every potential summer resident - is the choice of the site. This is the case if you decide not to buy ready-made construction, and build their own.

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At present, the sellers, if a company, not an individual, offer a choice of a site with contract and site without a contract. If you take part in the contract, then the trouble will be a little less. And if you do decide to buy a plot without a contract or a general, he would save, plan on buying from a private person? Then you must be very careful and follow the legal purity of the transaction and a number of nuances.

First and foremost, on what to look for is the purpose of the land, silt its permitted use. For example, if the land belongs to the category where the construction of permanent facilities is prohibited, then at the end of the deal, you get not just a "pig in a poke" and a waste of money.

Land suitable for placing a dwelling house, shall be classified as land settlements with under individual housing construction, or in another private habitation. In addition, land can be the category of "agricultural land", but it also has its own nuance to the site should be allowed to country house construction. Of course, it is possible and the subsequent transfer of lands in the right category, but there is not so simple, and requires certain costs such as money, and nerves.

Once you have decided on the category of land necessary to check its legal purity. In the first place, is whether the seller is eligible for this entity, in future, avoid the lawsuits. The second step in testing the "legal purity" is to check the site for the presence of encumbrances such as mortgage or arrest. In order not to happen that you end up with stuffy bought the land on which will be imposed penalty. To do this you need an extract from the register of the absence of encumbrances on the property with such a cadastral number.

You should also check whether the site is not in the sanitary protection zones, or in the border areas, where any building is prohibited. For example, your house at the lake will not be able to come within protection zone.

The third, but they are not less important point is the ability to supply communications to your future home. After all, you do not want to go to "comfort" on the street and carry water from the well?

It is also necessary to know not whether the land in place of shallow water, so that later when you already start to build, did not have to hastily throw all. If you offer a site with an application in the form of a beautiful picture of your future home is worth wondering, is there a project, not only artistically executed drawing.

If we consider all the "pitfalls" in the purchase, you can avoid unpleasant consequences.
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