Buying land, buying a house: the necessary documents

03.12.2010 04:40
The seller should prepare the following documents:<br />1. Statement of the restrictions (encumbrances) of land. If such restrictions (encumbrances) is, before the deal should discuss them with the buyer.<br />2. Certificate of normative monetary evaluation of land.<br />Both certificates are issued by the department of land resources at the location of the land.<br />3. The results of expert assessment of land. Evaluation is performed by specialized organizations in the license. If the seller is not to accept such an organization should contact the department of land resources. Perhaps the staff will evaluate the organization. If not, then there certainly will provide information about organizations working in the area.<br />4. If you sold the site on which no buildings, you must also submit a certificate of the local council that the land is not built up. This document does not require all notaries. We recommend that the buyer ask the seller to provide proof of payment of land tax, and allocate land in kind. For the notarization of the transaction, such documents are not required, but the buyer they are needed in order to avoid additional problems.<br /><br />For the notarization of the sale (donation) of an apartment house before the deal the seller to prepare the following documents:<br />1. Extract from the register the registration of ownership of a house. This extract provides the body of BTI at the location of the house.<br />2. Conclusion on expert evaluation of a residential building, which is issued by licensed institutions.<br />It is also recommended to require the seller to the documents, confirming the absence of arrears in payments of utility bills, as well as communication services. For the notarization of the transaction, these documents are not required, but provision will protect the buyer from unpleasant surprises in the future. If the sale of land and houses involved intermediary (broker), it usually takes to obtain these documents (as for the house, and with respect to ground) to itself.<br /><a href=""></a><br /><br />
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