Buying land - what you should know

10.11.2010 00:00
Articles about real estate | Buying land - what you should know Now many people prefer to prepare their homes plots of land on which they can build their house is not only less costly but also more in line with their tastes and preferences. But there are some points that need to know when buying land. The fact that the whole land is divided into categories, depending on use and location. Each plot has its own status, to be reckoned with. Land is:

* Land settlements (in these areas can be easily constructed)
* Agricultural land (this land can not build)

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If you purchased the land in the village, it is necessary to clarify its status. All the land the settlements are divided into:

* Land for individual construction
* Land under private subsidiary farms

If you purchased the land for subsistence farming, then build a house on this site you can not. On this earth you can build a cottage or auxiliary buildings. Now, due to recent changes in laws, in theory, you are entitled to residence at their summer cottage. But in practice this law is still not working properly. Therefore, it is better to arrange the purchase of land, the construction of the house where you will not have problems. The same situation is typical of agricultural land. On these grounds we can construct a cottage object, but not a house.

You can, of course, does not take into account these subtleties. But then there is no guarantee that after buying the land and building on it at home, in the future you will not have to pay large fines and deal with updating the status of the land.
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