Buying and selling: how to pick yourself options

10.10.2010 12:53
Puzzled buying, selling or renting, we are confronted with many questions: where to start searching for apartments, where to find a competent and honest Realtors, is it worth to look for property in newspaper advertisements or better to try to find it yourself using the Internet.<br /><br />In recent months, increased confidence in the Internet as a source of information relating to all real estate transactions, said the study "RUmetrika. This may indicate that a potential participant of the real estate market has become more careful and prudent in the selection of proposals.<br /><br />Every year the number of Internet users, and interested in the topic of real estate in the network. "Annual growth of the Internet audience is 20% for the I quarter of 2010, attendance at real estate on the internet rose by more than 30%", - said Andrei Nesterov, head of the federal estate portal "<br /><br />According to him, mostly to the network users are interested in real estate prices, databases, and ads, as well as news about real estate. "The most visited types of resources in real estate - thematic portals, sections of real estate in the online media database of ads and websites of real estate agency", - said the expert.<br /><br /><strong>Search through the Internet</strong><br />The advantages of the Internet as a tool for real estate search is obvious. First, its relative affordability. Anyway, the man was puzzled as serious a matter, such as buying an apartment, certainly has the ability to connect to the net.<br /><br />Secondly, the speed and ease of use. One click - and before you hundreds of pages with suggestions for every taste and budget. Interesting - in the bookmarks, unnecessary - in the trash. With this you can always return to the page and see the options again, before traveling to the address. Location map, as a rule, also attached.<br /><br />Thirdly, just a huge choice. Here you and the agency's website, and specialized portals for real estate, and private messages, and tips seasoned members of the forum - in short, everything your heart desires. Fourth, the visibility. Often, pictures of real estate can be seen immediately and at least some of them to make representation.<br /><br />Again, the Internet allows you to preview the local real estate market, if you plan on moving to another town.<br /><br />Alexander Strogov, head of the central office of the Moscow real estate agency, said that compared to how was the case 4-5 years ago, customers have found ad agencies, as well as information about the company's sites on the Internet, has significantly increased. "If these people had was about 5%, but now their share of the total number of clients 20-25%", - said sternly.<br /><br />"In today's world people do not want to spend much time searching for, they need quick access to information of interest. In place of newspapers and magazines with ads about the property come online databases with a convenient user interest search criteria: price, size, location ", - said Andrey Nesterov.<br /><br /><strong>Large network - where to look?</strong><br /><br />If we analyze the composition of the top twenty most visited resources Runet property (according to Rambler TOP100 ") over the past three years, it turns out that in the crisis year of 2009 from the Twenties virtually disappeared online representation of real estate agencies, but the share of resources, where the sellers themselves and Buyers advertise devoted to real estate transactions. Although now, when the crisis is almost over, at the request of "property" of the twenty the Yandex includes large agencies with their bases sold or leased facilities.<br /><br />Internet portals are usually placed photographs illustrating the apartment "on all sides, including the view from the window, staircase, adjacent to the home territory ... In order to search for real estate on the Internet has become as simple and efficient, intelligent people have created different sites with easy and functional interface.<br /><br />At these sites you can even find such information as the press did not publish. For example, an exclusive database for buying and selling real estate professional systems (such as base WinNER). They inform you about all the objects: from elite (center), to relatively inexpensive in the suburbs, indicate the direct phone number that you can make inquiries. Note: Part of contacts is available free of charge!<br /><br />A large database of rental apartments in Moscow can be found at Cyan. Ads are mostly represented by agents who place them on a fee basis, so find here the announcement of renting apartments without intermediaries will not work. The site has detailed search form and selection of your options on the set of parameters: the subway station, the distance from the subway, price, number of rooms and other parameters of the apartment, but the interface is quite old-fashioned, as the site itself. The search you get a table with the parameters of an apartment, a small description and contacts.<br /><br />It is worth paying attention to the project "Where is this house." The site presents all the sections of real estate: residential, rural, commercial. Ads are placed mostly by large real estate agencies and published on a paid basis.<br /><br />Of the new sites on the property with its modern developments attracted the attention of portal "with advanced search options.<br /><br />Your project started and Property Database WinNER together with the magazine owner. The main objective of the project - giving potential buyers access to the ads database WinNER the sale of apartments in Moscow, and a radically new system of communication with the owner of ads for free with SMS is convenient and easy for both Realtors and potential buyers.<br /><br />If you are interested in a particular object, you can leave the agent for connection to your mobile. Once the relevance of the phone number of the potential buyer is confirmed, the agent receives an SMS alert that his object is interest. Later estate plans to provide access to other segments of the Base WinNER.<br /><br />"Many of our compatriots find real estate in the network involves primarily operational: a person may, without delay, take the selection of its interesting object, as in the workplace and at home, as well as view the location on a map, see photos," - says Alexander severely.<br /><br />"To find an apartment through the Internet is quite possible, - said Andrey Nesterov. - If this does not necessarily have to be a very advanced user and an expert on the Internet. "<br /> <br />
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