Buying an apartment under construction

28.09.2010 15:38
Articles about real estate | Buying an apartment under construction Before each person who decided to purchase a house, there is a question of buying an apartment in the buildings under construction. However, to this day there is a large proportion of the risk that the object delivery may be delayed, careless attitude of developers, which in consequence affect the quality of housing, crisis financial situation (debt, or the threshold of bankruptcy), the complexity of the registration of property rights, etc. Debating this issue with Leonid Medvedev, head of the public reception of the Expert Council to determine the reliability of construction firms, it was noted that the emergence of conflicts between the participants shared construction is the absence of a clear line of current legislation, which governed the interests of the parties.

According to experts, despite the adoption of the law "On Participation in the shared construction of apartment houses, the majority of construction firms violate the terms of the rules of the game in the property market, which entails the use of various illegal schemes: bypassing laws on contracts of sale, according to agency contracts , under contracts of share premium, the use of bills, proposals to clients about buying an apartment in the absence of the necessary documentation for the construction of homes.

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But we can not rule out another factor - people are often not legally savvy and do not carefully studied the contract, put his signature, which in consequence can be fatal. Thus, the priority for addressing such situations is to minimize the risks when buying apartments in buildings under construction.

Leonid Medvedev drew attention to a moment in any case, the borrower and the lender are interested in reducing risk situations, so the first thing to do - to provide comprehensive information on the construction site and construction companies who are also actors in this process. So, buying an apartment in the loan, the borrower must return the debt, regardless of problems with construction. However, to avoid uncomfortable situations, the lender increases the interest rate on the loan during construction. Since the construction period to register a mortgage is not possible (there is no real security of loan repayment), but after the registration of the borrower ownership of the flat interest rate decreases markedly.

Buying an apartment in a newly built home comes up one more unwanted risk - the housing does not meet the standards (SNIP, GOST). Therefore, initially you must specify in the contract, with what should be communicated apartment (quality, finish, the process of interaction between the parties when it detects deficiencies). Or monitor the quality of construction, and at the time the apartment to attract qualified independent experts.

The conference, dedicated to minimizing the risks of mortgage lending, Leonid Medvedev proposed to make the necessary changes in Russian legislation: a building permit must receive only those companies whose capital is greater than 50% of the cost of construction, as well, before issuing a building permit firms and to attract cash customers to conduct multi-faceted independent examination of their activities, plus conduct literacy campaign among the population.
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