Buying an apartment in new building - the most dangerous

09.03.2020 01:00
Lawyer tells of the common problems awaiting buyers.

Buying an apartment in the building, perhaps the most dangerous of trades in the market. Lawyer Oleg Sukhov said about the most common problems that may arise with customers.

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The most urgent and difficult problem, waiting holders, - it is suspending construction of the house or no construction. The second complexity and consequences of the problem - double sales. In this case, the priority right to receive apartments has the holders, who had previously signed contract or paid.

The most common problem is the delay in construction time, and then provide the apartment. Interest holders should be aware that the delay in the transfer of the property, he may demand from the construction company paid a penalty for each day of delay in the transfer of the dwelling.

Slightly less common problem for shareholders is the provision of poor quality apartments.

"Almost every interest holders faced with the fact that he was obliged to pay extra for" extra "parameters. Part of these requirements the developer justified, but in many cases, the obligations imposed on the buyers are not legal, "- says the expert.

Another common problem - the lack of external infrastructure. Often the development is carried out so tightly that schools, kindergartens, roads, parks, parking simply does not squeeze.

Another important issue - it's paperwork. The average property application process takes up to one year. Considered valid if the time limit is approaching two years. If the delay exceeds two years, you should contact the court for recognition of ownership and registration of rights by judicial decision.

Finally, the developer often forces the shareholders to contract with the 'right' management company.

"Often, many of the services are performed at all. Needless to say, that the utilities in this scenario grows at times "- sums up the lawyer Oleg Sukhov.
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