Buying an apartment in a newly become law, but more expensive

19.12.2010 00:00
Articles about real estate | Buying an apartment in a newly become law, but more expensive The buyer should see to buy housing is not in the picture, but in reality, should be able to wander around the apartment, choose a view from the window, decided in the Ministry of Regional Development. Now the Office is considering the abolition of the law on joint construction. What does this mean for the housing market?

Construct can only developers, standing firmly on its feet. This trend began in June, after the amendments to the law on joint construction. Those who build according to the law, are already selling apartments at high prices, prices for finished houses, others are quietly withdraw from the market. A Ministry of Regional Development Initiative only finally accents.

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First, some history. "In the 2000's, - the chairman of the board of directors of GC" Pioneer "Leonid Maximov - return on investment of 100-200%. For example, if the total cost of a housing complex was $ 1,000,000, then the developer should have had only $ 200-300 thousand own or borrowed funds. And with the sale of flats he had received about $ 1,3-1,4 million That is, investment property developer is doubled, and if it works, then tripled.

In order to go to the site, the developer had to do a project and his expertise. It takes 2-3 months, after which the builders twine fence area, began to dig a pit, and sell the apartments for preddogovoram. "He hung a banner on the fence - and went to the flow of money! The river! "- Nostalgic Leonid Maximov. At the initial stage of building apartments were sold cheaply, and this money went to construction, transfer of land, permits and other expenses. By the end of construction when all or almost all documents were furnished, the apartments rose in price by half the initial price.

But not all builders were completing the job. First defrauded real estate investors appeared almost simultaneously with the commercial housing market. According to the President of FGC Leader Vladimir Voronin, in the Balashikha district has an unfinished house with defrauded real estate investors, who over 20 years. Today, according to expert estimates, the total amount defrauded real estate investors in the country in the range of 100-150 thousand people. Only on "Social Initiative", which in 2004 was to "freeze" their facilities, the number of victims amounted to 62,000 families in 55 regions.

Perhaps, "Social Initiative" and was the last straw, after which the authorities decided to clean up the property market. In December 2004, appeared the law № 214-FZ "On Participation in the shared construction of apartment buildings", initiated by the Committee on Credit Organizations and Financial Markets of the State Duma.

The law made a lot of noise, but nothing has changed in the housing market. Public indignation at the new stringent conditions, the builders were working on the old, selling housing at preddogovoram and promissory note schemes at the stage of excavation.

According to the study of "NDV-estate", published in June this year, only 8% of newly sold by law № 214-FZ. But it's mostly been at home in the final stages of construction. "Plus-minus to 10 floors, as a rule, developers collect a full package of permits and begin to sell the apartments on 214-th law" - explains Vladimir Voronin. In fact, dangerous to the buyer's initial construction phase, developers are still working, taking advantage of advertising on the fence and preddogovorami. The more so because no serious punitive measures are not envisaged.

Now back to the present. In the summer of this year, amendments to the law on joint construction, according to which for every apartment sold, bypassing the 214-FZ, the developer fined between $ 500 thousand to 1 million rubles.

These measures are a little disciplined housing market, but there is a downside. "If you build it on the 214-FZ, when the good work, when everything is optimized, the collection of documents will take at least a year, but then the penny on prices to sell to developers already unprofitable, - says Vladimir Voronin. - Our company has a reserve of strength in crisis, we sold the apartment for quite high prices. "

The same policy is shared by a group of Tashir, which sells apartments in the residential complex "Gas Oil City", located far from the most prestigious area (metro New Cheryomushki ") for $ 12,500 for the quarter. m, which is at least 20-30% above market. As explained by Vice President Vitaly Efimkin, the company is ready to build the whole house at his own expense, and the price is, in fact, corresponds to the cost of apartments after putting the house of the state commission. "Amendments gradually wipe out the cheaper segment of housing - says Vladimir Voronin. - Otmetut they are part of the players: some have already stopped looking for money, someone - forever. " Together with the defrauded real estate investors leave the market and many construction companies, and the remaining will be able to dictate its pricing policy. And affordable housing in this scenario will remain in the government's plans and dreams of the Russians.
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