Buying a home in the cottage «on the cheap»

25.12.2010 09:25
Articles about real estate | Buying a home in the cottage «on the cheap» Buying a home in the cottage "on the cheap" today heavily advertised developers. In fact, "crisis management" option often brings only unnecessary problems.

"Up to 40% cheaper!". Such savings (as compared with the prices of capital mansions) promise to sites of companies that is building cottage villages by the so-called "fast" technologies. The quality of European estates promise, because, they say, and themselves the "fast" technology borrowed from abroad. "WA" figured out, is it really justified such an economy, writes the power of money.

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Holy smoke
The term "quickly mounted a building" (BMZ), usually referred to frame method (for more details - see the "Residential sandwich", "WA», № 36, 2006). With it built the first "fast" cottage communities. Today also, there are three basic ways to build such townships, says Vladimir Stepenko, marketing manager for the company SV Development: log, termodoma and BMZ.

"They combine fast construction time and the relative, compared with capital cottages, cheapness. Although the log-sometimes at a price not inferior to brick manor "- adds Stepenko. In addition, the "fast" towns are different use of "green" technologies. "Houses of the carcass are interested wealthy clients for whom a role in the choice of technology is environmentally friendly, because today is a global trend", - notices Roman Scarlato, director of the Academy of Sciences "Seraphim" (Vasilkov).

In 2009-2010. there has been a growing interest in housing in the "fast" cottage camps - +15-20% compared to the "dead" 2008. "The number of deals in 2010 have increased by 36% compared to 2009-m (from 11 to 15 deals over 11 months nyneshego year)," - boasted, "WA" in the sales department of the town Green Hills (Kiev region)..

According to Alexei Merenkova, co-founder of Green House, at the beginning of the crisis prices "sunk", for instance, the home of Finnish log house - by 10-15%, but now returned to pre-crisis levels. Others interviewed VD market players have confirmed this trend.

The most expensive house would cost today of a log house on a turnkey basis - from 8 to 11,5 thous. / Sq m (excluding the cost of land and the interior finish and depending on the origin of wood - domestic, Finnish or Canadian). For the "square" wooden-frame house would have to lay 6-8,5 thousand UAH. Cheapest - termodoma of insulated thermal blocks (up to 6,2 thousand USD / sq. M).

At the same time find a ready cottage is not so simple: about half of them are building is not conducted, and many built low level of preparedness. For example, in the Kyiv region, according to SV Development, of the 20 "fast" only three towns were put into operation, 12 are frozen, in most others, readiness does not exceed 15-20%.

In addition, such settlements are scarce infrastructure, compared with capital "brethren": the maximum of a children's playground, gym, bar and mini market. Some experts link the-poor "comfortable" with the dimensions of "economy"-towns - as a rule, they comprise up to 50 households.

After talking with representatives of more than a dozen "fast" towns in the Kyiv region, "WA" found only one village is being built on the framework technology for more than 200 cottages on the territory of which promise to build a kindergarten, a gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, restaurant, car wash, tire service and even a family Medical Center.

Cheap cheese
Because the technology is designed to BMZ clients with limited financial resources, real estate developers to indulge in all sorts of tricks in order to reduce the cost of the proposal. Today, however, there has been a reverse trend to rise in the cost of such "fast" settlements.

This occurs, according to Vladimir Stepenko, in a situation where prices are growing increasingly dependent not just on technology but on the location of towns, their infrastructure, "manning" cottages. For example, housing in the village "green forest" (Kiev region)., Erected a wooden-skeleton method, is positioned as a VIP-segment with a large area of mansions and full of "meat" (interior decoration, furniture from top European manufacturers, designer plumbing).

In any case, studying the proposal, you need to choose a company with experience in the market. "Most of the new developers that have emerged in the last two years in a segment of" fast "towns, occupied a niche just because they managed to acquire land for building. In fact, none of these firms do not have portfolios, but only the experience of the construction of individual private homes, so to judge the quality of their construction is difficult "- warns Victor Kovalenko, the director of RealEkspo.

Negligent firms, according to Gregory Reznikoff, Deputy Director of "Pharaoh" (building on the framework technology), mainly to economize on materials, buying, for example, defective insulation, and "as insulation instead of the cellulose fiber insulation is often used mineral wool with a low density" . "The use of damaged waterproofing, vapor barrier or damp insulation facing considerable heat loss" - shows Natalia Dzuba, CEO of the Bureau of Building Technologies. " In winter, these homes are transformed into "cooler".

According to the expert, "in case of construction of the carcass is often used freshly cut timber, and after all this home in the first six months of shrink 5-6 cm is important to fill the joints of panels oakum (natural material), rather than, say, a foam, as is often do ". Paul Patyuk, director of the joint venture "Deborah", confirms that "for cheapening the cost of construction companies use the timber with high humidity (20%) treated for non-professional equipment."

Detect such defects can be only as the "aging" of the house, so it makes sense to buy housing in the towns of the carcass in a few years after construction (at a time when houses are not dismantled like hot cakes, to find these options available).

"All the flaws emerge only after a year or two, when the logs there are cracks, subside floors, warping angles of the house, log on Pererub diverge like a fan," shoot "the window and burst the stairs" - warns Alexander Popov, the director of the project group "Archimatika.

The safest in terms of latent defects Natalia Dziuba believes termodoma as "thermoblocks put a wry hard enough." Nevertheless, there are possible pitfalls, for example, according to Mr. Popov, "replacing the recommended adhesives and plasters cheaper counterparts, which leads to a violation of finishing layer. Despite such "horror stories", as the thawing of the construction industry and mortgage experts predict a rise in demand for housing in the "fast" settlements, primarily from the BMZ. "Of interest to consumers will be the home of the carcass and, as an increasingly important factor is the environment", - Alexander Popov.

The least popular will termogorodki because, according to most respondents VD
analysts, they have not yet demonstrated their potential, having appeared on the market recently (in the pre-crisis 2007 m). But after a couple of years they can become a fashion trend, says Alexander Burlachenko, director of "Valkyrie." However, the basis of the proposal, according to Mr. Popov, "constitute initiated or constructed facilities prior to the crisis."

Alexander Kropiwnicki, general director of "House-Economy"
- Despite the novelty of the technology framework, the stereotypes of conservative clients eventually break down, demand is growing and short-term (one to two years) will grow by 15-20%. First, the housing built on traditional technologies, are much more expensive.

Secondly, we tend to compare Ukraine to Russia in this matter: our neighbors, these technologies are already massively used for ten years and even supported at the state level. The prices will rise, as it relates to the rising cost of construction materials, which constitute a substantial part of the cost of the product. In 2011 price increases will not exceed 8-12%.

Vitalina Medyanaya, Head of Sales cottage Green Hills
- Unfortunately, clients often turn to non-professional builders, tempted by low price, which results in negative experiences. Qualitatively constructed wood-frame houses have very high environmental performance, reliability and security, common in the U.S. and Canada.

When choosing a frame house is important to pay attention not only on cost but also the reputation of the developer, the availability of a license, certificate of quality, warranty, complete set, as well as testimonials from those who have already bought a house in a particular company.
The power of money
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