Buyers of the suburban real estate became more determined

26.07.2011 07:15
Articles about real estate | Buyers of the suburban real estate became more determined The first half of suburban real estate market of Moscow region was marked by growth in demand for "long giving." Significant surge in sales, which became commonplace in the pre-crisis years, has not happened. However, it is in the segment of economy-class buying activity has increased most noticeably. Specialists operating company "ZemAktiv" summed up the first two quarters and identified the main trends of the past six months.

1. The buyer was the more decisive

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Since January, the number of transactions of purchase / sale on the country market economy class in the suburbs grew steadily. In comparison with January, the number of transactions in June increased more than twofold. In April was marked by a gradual increase in the number of transactions of purchase / sale (3%), while May and June of this trend has continued.

It is worth noting that if people took in the winter time-out in a few months, in order to make the final choice, which inevitably led to the formation of waves of pent-up demand, from the beginning of the "high season" customers have become more strongly, leading to shortened required for final decision.

According to "ZemAktiv" when in February 18% of people who came to watch, decided to buy the site in March and April, it reached 30%. In June begins the summer lull - many potential buyers who do not have their own cottages, going on vacation and put off the purchase of the suburban real estate in the autumn. As a result, suburban real estate market of Moscow region again began to form a wave of pent-up demand. The number of people who came to watch, but then decided to buy the site, declined to 23%.

2. Interest in the sites without a contract continues to fall

Suburban real estate market continues gradual shift in consumer demand toward areas with a contract and built houses. However, in plots without a contract still accounts for the bulk of sales - up 65%. Soon there will be further decline in demand for this product. But according to specialists, parts without a contract is not fully withdraw from the market, as there is a large enough group of people for whom an important role in the suburban real estate purchase is the size of the down payment and a phased investment in construction.

3. Seasonality has ceased to be a pronounced factor in the jump in prices in the country market

As a rule, on the eve of the "high season" developers settlements increase the cost of the product, hoping for a surge in demand. That is exactly what happened before the crisis. However, in the first half of 2011 most of the developers' long summer cottages "abandoned a planned increase in price of land. Since the beginning of the year, some projects had been registered a slight increase in prices by 7-10%, but it was not dictated by seasonal factors and higher stage of readiness of a specific project. As the willingness of the village, the developers included in the price of one hundred square meters of communication, roads, infrastructure, facade protection. This method is used by many experienced and successful developers, because it is convenient for the consumer and makes the most efficient to evaluate the purchase price. By year-end price of the offer in this segment can grow to a maximum of 15%.

4. Multiformat Villages win back the position of

Since the beginning of the year in the suburban real estate market economy class published more than 70 villages. Some of them are new distinct bursts of successful projects, or vice versa, "thawed" after the crisis villages. The total number of villages in the Moscow region on the proportion of settlements economy class had about 25%.

In a segment of "distant cottages" growing number of multi-format settlements. This format has become a leader in sales at the Simferopol and Novorizhskoye highway. Now about 30% of cottage communities in the segment of economy class offer only plots without a contract. According to experts, given the plots without a contract in the Multi-towns, their share in the market supply is 70%.

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