Buyers are waiting for the «right» cottage communities

07.10.2010 06:47
Articles about real estate | Buyers are waiting for the «right» cottage communities Living in a modern cottage village, pay a lot of money for your vacation home should be provided with basic necessities, according to all the players the real estate market. Therefore, over the past few years the market was to develop a common concept of the requirements put forward to the infrastructure of the village. "The infrastructure of modern cottage community, in addition to the mandatory maintenance services, tracking the technical condition of houses, communications and security organizations that provide round the clock protection of the village, includes still a lot of objects", - analyst suburban real estate corporation "INCOM-Realty" Ivan Vorobyov. Among these objects, according to experts, sports and playgrounds, mini-markets, business and entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants, parking lots and mini-hotels, pharmacies, nurseries, swimming pools and beach areas, piers and boathouses.

"The infrastructure of the modern village of thing is incredibly important, but it is ambiguous. Initially, we must understand that it is in principle "- explains the analyst of suburban real estate Kirsanova Realty Vadim Gubanov. According to him, "the infrastructure is almost everything: smooth high-quality roads, security, availability of quality communications and of course the availability of, or at least the proximity of objects distinguishes modern society from the primitive system. These are schools, kindergartens, hospitals, shops, restaurants, sports and entertainment venues.

However, according to experts, there are several requirements that must be met in any settlement. According to Deputy General Director of "New City" Natalia Vetlugina, "the main point for the suburban settlements - it is certainly an appropriate level of protection." The next essential component of infrastructure, in her opinion, is "normal service operation." "Roads must be kept clean, the lighting should work to get out of the garbage. The third required element - a kind of recreational place where villagers can come and relax. The word "park" there will be too loud - a public garden, a playground, some barbecue, "- said the expert. These three components, according to Natalia Vetlugina distinguish the village with a sound concept of chaotic cottage building. "All of the above can be called a vital and should be part of the normal structure of the cottage settlement. Next start delights "- she said.

Refinements are different. "Company-builder tries to empower clients to organize their free time. Therefore, in the country cottage village there are additional infrastructure "bonuses" - said Sergey Kasatkin. Thus, according to him, in the village "Count estate is planned construction of a skating rink, soccer field, sports" town ", and will be located nearby equestrian school, swimming pool, health clinics and even a church. The cottage village Barvikha-CLUB »in turn be able to offer customers a modern shopping and community center with total area of 762 square meters. meters, which will house a convenience store, fitness center, a cafe-restaurant and offices. According to Natalia Vetlugina, sophistication may be a "small shop where you can buy something from the very first items of necessity, not to go far."

Having all the necessary infrastructure, according to most experts, leads to a total infrastructure cottage village cornfields is inferior infrastructure of a large housing complex within the Ring Road. "The only difference of infrastructures of the village and set within the boundaries of the capital - in the size of territories and areas under its creation. In the settlement problem is space saving construction cost is less acute, but otherwise, I think, the developers of the city and the countryside are facing the same problems with infrastructure, "- says Vadim Gubanov.

Depending on the class

Despite the universal demands of infrastructure cottage community in general, most villages in the Moscow region are differentiated by class and, consequently, a set of elements of infrastructure will vary depending on the "elitism" of the village. So, according to Sergey Kasatkin, "equipping cottage settlements infrastructure agencies depends largely on the level of an object." "In the villages of economy-class infrastructure, as a rule, there is no developed, residents enjoy the schools, shops, sport complexes, located in nearby towns. Luxury estates, business-class objects, in contrast, are equipped with all the complex infrastructure. Mandatory elements are here today are educational institutions, shopping centers, fitness centers, "- said the expert.

"If the settlement of a class can contain only the minimum infrastructure: Maintenance and protection, the" business village "should be at least the children and playgrounds, as well as a cafe or shop. Elite cottage villages often have the infrastructure not only business and fitness centers, hotels, medical centers, but also, for example, own a yacht club with Elling "- adds Ivan Vorobyov.

In recent years, virtually every village, being built on a single concept, said the presence of infrastructure, said Vadim Gubanov. According to him, "most often it is a single complex, which includes a restaurant, fitness center, beauty salon it.d. Plus the entire act is usually called parklands "That's an average description of the average high-end village in the Moscow region. But the main thing - the amount of infrastructure depends primarily on the size of the village and of course its price component ", - the expert believes.

Which cottage villages should be considered as a suitable option, having a certain amount of money?

Category to $ 100 thousand in the segment to $ 100 thousand can be expected to purchase a small house in the village or suburban home gardening association at a distance of 30 km and further from Moscow with minimal infrastructure or even without it. In some cases, its absence is compensated by the proximity of the village to a small suburban town, which is bound to have medical facilities, shops, consumer services. In addition, in this price category includes townhouses in some (their very few) of the little village. For example, in the cottage Family Club (12 km from Moscow on Novoshodnenskomu highway) has a chance to buy a townhouse in size from 124 square meters. m for $ 99.8 thousand "The initial phase of sales showed that the popularity of these homes is growing rapidly - says head of the country real estate ZAO MIAN Corporation Svetlana Kondachkova. - Each quarter, the village is kept in its own architectural style. In the northern part of the building, adjacent to the river, designed recreation area with tennis courts, bike paths and sports fields. Family Club is located not far from Moscow and is attractive for those who want to live outside the city and work in the capital. "

The category of $ 100-300 thousand find a home in a good cottage for about $ 100-150 thousand very difficult. For this price category tend to include natural cottage development in remote areas (below 50 km from Moscow) - a house in the villages or towns with no infrastructure. Of the available communications, as a rule, there are electricity, gas wells and sewage systems (septic tank). The average area of homes in settlements in this category, built on standard projects in the areas 8.12 acres, is 100-120 square meters. m. Most of this summer resort, rather than individual housing. According to experts Corporation Incom-Real Estate, a holiday village on the shores of Aistova Mozhaiskogo reservoir there are a lot of interesting offers. For $ 100-120 thousand a buyer gets a small house area of 110-120 square meters. m with a plot about 12 acres, located at the entrance to the village. In the $ 100-150 thousand will cost you an apartment in a residential suburban complex Vitro Village. The complex covers an area of more than 14 hectares, the 38-th km south of Moscow between Kaluga and Simferopol highway in a wooded area. It is an hour away by car from Moscow. Priced from $ 170 thousand sold homes with wooded areas in the village of Little House in the Forest-1 at the Dmitrov highway. For $ 180 million (without decoration) actually buy a house in the village of White Dew, which is located in a forest 26 kilometers from Moscow to Kaluga highway or within 19 km - in Simferopol. In the $ 140-300 cost thousands of buying a house in the village Slavenko 63-th km of the New Riga. By Egorievsk highway constructed Aurora village (30 km), homes in which cost from $ 150 thousand low prices here due to the fact that the eastward suburbs are not very popular. Having up to $ 300 thousand, you will choose suburban housing economy class, made of inexpensive materials, but being in a smaller distance from the Moscow Ring Road in the townships with a minimum set of infrastructure facilities. Typically, this modest home area of not more than 250 square meters. m. They are constructed of aerated concrete blocks, bricks or wood. Size of the field adjacent to the house, rarely exceed 20 ares. Communication central (including gas).

The category of $ 400-500 thousand cottages in this price category to business class. Remoteness of villages from Moscow is typically less than 15-50 miles in any direction except south-east, where there is a business-class townships, located even closer to Moscow. Area of houses - from 250 square meters. m, plot size - 10 ares. In these towns already have centralized water and gas supply, sewage - septic tank. On the territory necessarily equipped playground and parking for guests at the entrance and exit - protection. From building materials are most commonly used brick, sandwich panels and wood. To these villages is characterized by a common social environment, homeowners - usually wealthy people. No further 10 km away from such villages often have cultural, entertainment and recreation centers, and shops. Example - a gated development Trinity Lykovo, built on the territory of Moscow, in close proximity to the Silver boron on the right bank of the Moskva River. It retained the natural landscape, the area surrounded with pine forest. There the villagers brought the entire infrastructure of the area Strogino. This is a unique city within a city. "For business-class includes many villages on Novorizhskoe highway, but they are no closer than 30-40 km from Moscow - the expert believes the Department of suburban real estate corporation" Incom-Real Estate Galina Mikishanina. - And while even a $ 500 thousand problematic to buy a plot adjacent to the forest. New Riga is gaining in popularity and become an area of permanent residence. Basically, there are houses of the upper segment of the business class and elite. " Among the towns in this class the most popular are the new slide on the Dmitrov highway, Istra Country Club on Novorizhskoye, Clean Ponds in Yaroslavl, European village in the Kiev highway. The category of $ 600-700 thousand villages in this category are located at a distance of 25 km from Moscow Ring Road on the western, south-west or north-westerly direction. As a rule, the price determines precisely the location. Households in the village is usually not more than 100 area residences ranging from 450 square meters. m, plot size - 20 ares. Used building materials - brick, sandwich panels, wood. Cottages in the villages in this category are based on the author's design and have a uniform architectural style, which involves several types of houses. For such settlements characterized by a common social environment. The category of $ 700 thousand With the amount of $ 700 thousand, easily select a country house among the objects of real estate. This category includes private residences in the villages of Rublyovo-Uspensky, Ilyinsky, Novorizhskoe Skolkovskoe and highways, as well as cottages on the first line of reservoirs. Elite settlements are usually in the area of forest or near wvodoemov. The size of houses - from 500 square meters. m or more, the number of buildings in the village does not exceed 50, the area houses adjoining plots of land - not less than 25 hectare. "Of course, materials and technologies used in construction, are the most expensive to date - says S. Kondachkova. - A mandatory element is the high level of its own infrastructure of the village: security services, service, administrative center, fitness center, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, etc. As an example, at home in the elite cottage villages Lukomorye, Benelux, Pavlovsky.
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