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22.10.2010 07:52
Articles about real estate | Buy with caution Cottage - this is not a luxury but a place where you can breathe. There is reason to think about buying, if not the whole house, then at least an apartment in the townhouse, because nobody knows what will be next summer. The main requirement is that the developer had plans to guarantee more reliable than a weather forecast.

Economy pays twice

Buyers of apartments in townhouses, invested in construction at a very early stage, tell us that are following the situation. Let's say you decide to buy an inexpensive suburban housing in the formal cottage town: it is solid and comfortable in terms of ready infrastructure. Saw the bare field in a good place that is so, and requests the building, and a booklet with beautiful pictures and well drawn diagrams. So it will look like your future home, promised to sales managers. Contracted by the equity contributed money, wait. Soon on the site has grown a demonstration house (exactly as in the booklet), which moved the sales office.

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And then the building has to go as something dull and slow, suddenly changed the plan of the village (to adjust, as they say managers).

In the end, you enter the house and realize that new home will not soon: the materials were cheap, the house still need somewhere to strengthen and grease, communications built on a temporary scheme and do not work, the windows do not have those nice looking gazonchikov and fountains that have been in brochures, and even the windows look a little different side than you imagined. And it's not so bad if the land is not owned by, for example, forest reserve and it can be executed at the property. What did you expect? Economy ...

The devil in the details

"If the area to be built cottage, the land is granted without prior approval of location", - says Aleksey Korovkin, deputy chief of the registration of land rights department of the Federal Registration Service in the Voronezh region. Developer is enough to set boundaries, define the conditions for connecting future homes to utility services and supply of land for state cadastral registration. If a state or municipal land and leases, for a contract the developer is required to submit documents on territorial planning and pave the network.

That is, when the developer gets the land in use, nobody is obliged to explain what it will be at home. A booklet, as we know, no paper. But all the plans and conditions shall be recorded in the contract with the buyer, or rather, in its annex. "For example, in our special supplement," Description of the object "of items prescribed, at what stage and in what form the developer hands over the ownership of the house, how many rooms in it, what internal and external finish, until the transfer of finishing materials", - says Sales Director, Small town Scotland (Incom) Natalia Ivanova.

Therefore, attentive to detail. Apart from the above items, you need to pay attention to the following important points:
worker puts the pipe-engineering services. Best of all, if they have already been designed at the initial stage of construction, if you already have a heating system, ventilation, sanitation and water supply of the village. Anatoly Malygin, senior manager of the company, "Kontur-Vest", warns that if the issue of providing engineering services will be addressed at the stage finish of houses, may have serious problems with the project as a whole, because initially it will not consider all the nuances. Should communications be centralized or better prefer teploavtomatiku, pumps, water-heating boilers - depends on the terrain and, in general, the personal preferences of buyers;
- Accomplishment. Yet at the stage of planning and design of the village developer needs to know where it will have a carriageway for heavy vehicles will be equipped as driveways and patios are furnished. To you, too, had about it the right idea;
- And, of course, legal matters of land clearance. House with ready documents can not be purchased without a plot, a plot - not located on it at home. A purchase and sale of land - quite a delicate issue in the sense that it is necessary to thoroughly test its function. For example, building the cottage settlement on forest land is only possible after the transfer of forest land to another category, warns Alex Korovkin.

And do not hesitate to prescribe in the contract of each bench, if it is available to you on principle. "If some parameters are not included in the description and the interest holders considers them important, it is best to ask him to include these options in the contract", - said Alexander Rykov, marketing director of the Department of suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty. Select "economy class" does not absolve the developer of responsibility for quality.

Experts advise not to buy

Or buy with caution. "The situation, when home sales begin on a bare field that develops because of lack of money from the developer - simply explains Alexander Rykov. - The developer is trying to get a little money and begin to build them. A low price attracts buyers, and he too is involved in this process. This situation may result in loss of both time and money. Yes, the law provides severe penalties for unscrupulous developers, but why bother to bring the matter before the courts and the explanation of the relationship? Simply do not enter into such relationships. "

But Natalia Ivanova of the corporation "Incom" said that today the market suburban housing proposals are ready to move in apartments in townhouses there. And increasingly, offer facilities under construction. In itself an offer to buy a house under the foundation does not mean by default that you will be deceived. Developers fear - clean air, not breathing.
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