Buy land should only Ukrainians

11.04.2011 09:56
Articles about real estate | Buy land should only Ukrainians MP, Chairman of the parliamentary faction of the Party of Regions, Alexander Efremov said that land reform would make it impossible shadow redistribution of land resources in the country. He said this in the TV show "Big Politics" on Channel "Inter". - Press-service PR.

Efremov said that as of today in Ukraine, the agricultural land is divided into units that belong to citizens of Ukraine. According to the deputy, people will find loopholes in the legislation, thereby functioning shadow land market. To stop such practices in the parliament have already prepared two bills, one of which - "On the inventory of land," the politician said.

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In this case, Alexander Efremov said that to avoid buying land for agricultural purpose in Ukraine by foreign citizens should be at the legislative level to allow the purchase of land only to Ukrainian citizens. "Given that the owner has already been defined, ... you can allow the purchase and sale of land, but the buyer may be only a natural person, a citizen of Ukraine. Point "- summed up the faction chairman, ETC.
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