Buy an apartment without a finishes and «bring to mind»

02.10.2010 18:29
Articles about real estate | Buy an apartment without a finishes and «bring to mind» You have just become the owner of his apartment, and you can not wait to start it repairs: replace plumbing and wiring, mounted in its own ventilation, join a room with a kitchen, install brand new door. And then it turns out that the costs incurred by you, could be much less, and some legal and building codes were violated. Realtors say that the apartment needed to choose a place where you will feel yourself comfortable. Of course, the best option would be a small apartment in town and a spacious country house.

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Urban Housing handy during the week, well, a cottage outside the city - for family weekends. A flat, bought unpolished, can become a very profitable acquisition, because it allows cheaper buying a new home for 30% of its market value. Of course, finishing not be avoided. But in their process will take into account all your wishes. If you do not want for yourself unnecessary problems in the first year or two, do not buy housing on the upper floors. Multi-storey residential buildings can not be called elite housing. And if we take into account the fact that your neighbors while you are engaged in repair, construction materials transported in the elevators and furniture, this may lead to serious inconvenience and congestion elevators. If you already have a new apartment and want to redevelop, keep in mind the following points. The project is better to order from the experts, it is possible to insure themselves against possible adverse effects. Usually, the agreement does not require repair. Where is the watershed? Forbidden to destroy the bearing walls, change the appearance of the facade. If you will change the plan of the apartment - definitely need permission. The list of instances, giving permission for redevelopment, may be obtained from the Interdepartmental Commission. Major blunders allowed settlers in the alteration of heating, ventilation, water supply. May suffer as the neighbors, and even criminal penalties ensue. There were occasions when there was the Gulf of downstream water flats of the burst radiators and pipes. For all the "deed" responsible landlord, which was made illegal alterations. Therefore, to avoid court showdown, it's better to pre-order a design project, to make estimates and choose a reliable contractor. The cost of the design project is on average $ 15-35 per sq m of housing. But, having paid the money, the landlord knows what to expect from the repairs and what exactly he pays. Less important is the quality and timely laying of electrical wiring, telephone and television cables and alarm systems, the calculation of the number and location of outlets. It is essential and the choice of glass, which should not be so beautiful as qualitative in the sense teplosberezheniya and ventilation. Production from Norway, Finland, Sweden, has holes for ventilation. Double glazing in France are equipped with a special membrane to regulate the humidity. Today's market does not suffer from shortage of building materials. But there is a place both quality products and frank marriage. Often, unscrupulous suppliers give illiquid for a quality product. Way out there may be a requirement to show a certificate, coupled with visual inspection of the goods. Ceramic tile, for example, must be uniform in color and shape, no cracks and chips. Doors should be purchased in specialized firms, but not in the market. Otherwise, it may be violated conditions of storage and the door was subsequently offended or fracture. Door furniture is better to buy an import. Not a bad choice - Finnish hardware for doors, beautiful, reliable and reasonable cost. As for colors - Russia does not concede to import. All paint products used in finishing flat, should be compatible with each other. Zatevaya finishing work, landlord must achieve as a result of three objectives: the apartment must be beautiful (a feeling of harmony), comfortable (comfort), and the repairs must be made safe (not need to be updated every year). Of course, finish must meet the tastes of the landlord and the pace of his life. Thus, do not be afraid to buy an apartment without finishing. And then "bring it to mind," according to own wishes.
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