Buy an apartment through the housing register?

13.12.2010 15:50
Articles about real estate | Buy an apartment through the housing register? Recently in the pages of newspapers and Internet publications began to appear for sale apartments in new buildings at very attractive prices.

With a note that the apartment can be purchased through the housing register. If you call the telephone number shown, then a nice girl will tell you that the apartments are sold under the program "State support for construction," under which a buyer will pay only 70% of the price, and the rest will take over the state.

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That's why prices are so low. Mandatory condition for the acquisition is a credit Oschadbank "for 20 years, with the possibility of early repayment in five years. More details about the scheme can be obtained from the purchase of multiple files, sent amiable girl to e-mail.

Since the state program "Affordable housing" does indeed exist, may be in fact a new legal scheme of purchase of apartments "through the housing register? We have tried to understand the proposed mechanism of buying an apartment.

Total e-mail we received 4 of the document. A table showing the advantage of this program before purchasing apartments on credit, a list of proposed apartments with their brief description and cost, and the two documents without a title, describing the procedure for processing the transaction.

According to the first document, the prospective buyer offered to issue interest-free loan for 20 years. Which bank - does not say in what currency, too. But the bill (for an apartment?) Is produced in the hryvnia, and the second payment - "ue" How many payments must be in the document does not say, but from the words of the young ladies - three. Well. Actually buying an apartment from a builder may have to pay the cost of the apartment several installments.

Reading this fascinating document further. And further described step by step procedure of purchase. And the first step - drawing the reserve apartments in the agency. Under the "Reserve apartment" apparently means to book, but it's stuff. Much more interesting is the amount you must pay for "contract reserve an apartment." This is nothing less than ONE THIRD of the price. About 20 thousand dollars.

In this case, the potential buyer will not even examine the original documents to the apartment - before the copies. A buyer must provide: Passport, codes, birth certificate, children, marriage certificate, certificate form 3, with housing department of family members, registration, etc. After reviewing all documents and obtaining a positive decision "on the date of payment of second installment.

After paying the second installment - and it is still a third of the cost - the buyer receives a mysterious "vydatkovy warrant detached apartment." And finally to be signed "preliminary contract of sale and purchase apartment! Incidentally sign it will not be some kind of builder, and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Department of Housing Ukraine to support the Fund's lending of the youth. " The name in quotes, because the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine there, but the Department of Housing - no.

The third step involves the payment of the third payment, loan processing and obtaining ownership of the apartment.

What can one say about such a "mechanism" of buying an apartment? Only that further payments to the first payment it clearly will not do. All of these actions is no real relationship to the purchase of apartments do not have. Actual order of buying an apartment can be found in any real estate agency, legal counsel or a notary.

Treated exactly in detail the second document does not make sense. It suffices to look at the last section: "In order for the client to enter the chosen apartment, he must as a financial consultant (agent), to attract a minimum of 5 clients and a 105% value of the selected apartment. Promoting assistance in attracting customers, "I think no sane person would not communicate with these citizens, even if they are really" contribute to help. "

And what about all the same with the housing register and the state program 30/70? To date, this program can take advantage of citizens who are registered in need of better living conditions (length of stay in the queue does not matter).

In this kvartuchet may be only those families who are provided with living area of not more than 7.5 square meters. m per person. And the average monthly gross income of such families in per capita should not exceed 4 times the average monthly salary in the region, according to Goskomstat (in Kiev is 3,487 USD.).

No age restrictions. If your family meets all these criteria, in order to take that program does not need mediators, it is enough to apply to the Mortgage Center at Str. M. Kryvonosa, 2-A, Block 3.
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