Buy a vacation home? Several of the most expensive advice.

04.12.2010 07:50
Articles about real estate | Buy a vacation home? Several of the most expensive advice. Now we do not talk about price, but will rather focus only correct approach to the selection of a country "property."

Most often, the decision to buy a take on the family council. Then the first thing you must decide for yourself - it's why you need a house? It is possible to live permanently, you can come just for a weekend vacation or do not come there and rent it out. On this basis decide what direction you are most comfortable with. There is the same direction when you can get several ways to home. For example, choose from the Leningrad area. Perhaps you live somewhere near the green metro line. No? Then why Leningradka? For example, you live in an area m. Krylatskoye. The most convenient way, of course, Ruble. But if you bite the prices there, then we can choose or Mozhayskoye Minsk highway. Well all, with the direction stopped. Now that distance. If you decide that you will live there and go to work every day, then do not think that, for example, 30 km from Moscow, it's close. Eventually you get tired of these 30km and you will realize that mistake with a choice of distances, and have already bought and the money started to invest in a home-pity to sell? Quickly get rid of it and look closer. About 15 km, but no more. And most importantly, what you should pay attention, what are the utilities in the house. How many kilowatts of electricity paid for, whether main gas, central water supply and sewerage. If the lack of sanitation and water supply can accept it, provided that the liked the place and the house itself, then put up with the lack of gas, of course, the trunk - do not recommend it. Payment of electric heating will pour you a fortune in the future. Of course, if it is not giving economy class at a distance of 100 km from Moscow. If a house with no gas, and you say that there is on the border, be sure to check the gas service, is it possible to connect to this pipe, because often the presence along the section of "yellow" means the pipe is not able to connect to this pipe. Same thing with the posts with electrical wires that run along the street. Not always have the capacity and necessary for every kilowatt of you will be asked a fee. For example, in the Odintsovo district is a major complication, there all sold out long ago.

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Do not be lazy to talk to neighbors, if they have a claim to your dealer, for example, along the boundaries of the site. Is very common that you bought the site should bath or hozblok and adjacent to the neighbor's fence, and the distance from the additional buildings to the boundaries of the fence must be at least 1 m (A for the basic structure of 3m from the fence on all sides). If you have no transport and the seller said that the station on foot about 10 minutes, then heard the noise from passing trains, if there is no noise, means more distance - do not be lazy, walk yourself walking to the station. Sometimes, like and station nearby, and come to the platform should be around, because the creek or even some kind of ambush. Vobschem treat attention to every detail, because then all you have to solve themselves without the help of the seller even if he promises to help you in solving any problems after the transaction. Will not do so. Once the transaction was the seller, forget about your existence and will be annoyed after each of your call, and then the phone will change. Therefore, immediately write down how to deal with gas and other equipment, check for service contracts and communications required to pay for their connection and the correct clearance connections.

Now, documents. This is the most difficult issue in preparation for the transaction.

The first thing to do - is call Surveyors (it will be at your expense) and to clarify that there is a site that you buy on the documents or may be you were shown one object and sell the other? It happens that there is no master plan area and there is generally a mess, where a plot or even overlay one another. There's really a neighbor who quickly formalize property rights and the second and then suing. Dreary business, and not the fact that a success.

On land should be the certificate of ownership and title documents, ie, a document which indicates how the plot went to the seller. This may be a contract of sale of land, a certificate of inheritance, deed of gift, be careful here, the donation contract is disputed. Resolution can be the head of administration of the highlight or something else. House and all buildings must also be registered. If you provide such documents for examination, carefully compare the presence of a registered all porches and outbuildings. May, after registering your seller something he built or rebuilt and the changes are not made again for the extra running around you in the future. Let all make up the transaction. Of course, if it is "brilliant" option, then agree to the terms and everything else dooformite themselves. It's not that difficult, just time is not always fast.

Be sure to check whether there was not previously on the site of a house. Can a house, it burned down, and there were people registered. This is a BTI and Village Council. Been in practice, such cases that the place of the burnt houses built a new house, and people registered in the burnt house lay claim to a new home. Pay attention to what is written in the certificate of the land. Which category of land? It is most important. If it says that the agricultural land, registration of residence in the new house will be done through the court. Or do not do it. If it is written that the land the settlements or settlement land - it's quite that. But if the forest land, there generally are not allowed the construction and sale of such land even more so. Such land Novoglagolevo. In his time there the forest was for private habitation. If desired, the court can terminate any transaction. Be careful if it is written that the agricultural land for private farming, or at the farm. It also prohibited the construction. If you buy a house on such lands, then wait for further complications to the house. Take the small amount to check their documents through a large agency or contact someone from the Friends of Realtors.

Can be a long time to talk about quality control at home, but is not every seller will agree to the examination, ask for documents, photos, home construction, may have video. Study careful data sheet on the house - there's all the information about the house.

Well, that's like all the most basic thing to look for when buying a home. What to buy: tasting, cottage, house in the village or cottage in the gardening association - you decide. Good luck!
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