Building a house or buying the finished cottage: the pros and cons

12.10.2010 03:12
Country House is the subject of real estate, which every year is gaining popularity among urban residents. Desire to have a country house not an apartment instead, and together with urban housing is becoming increasingly important. That is why potential buyers are considering any proposals that meet their growing interest. Suburban real estate market in Ukraine offers varied and interesting options. Their courage can be divided into two groups. The first group - is building a cottage and the second - the purchase of the finished cottage.

Construction of a cottage or buy ready made holiday home - consider options
First and foremost, you need to familiarize with the available options for property acquisition, and then decide how profitable a particular proposal. So, if you are considering building a cottage, you have two options: purchase of building plots for self-construction or purchase of a cottage in the early stages of construction. If you wish to purchase a finished house, before you have an alternative: buying a home in the secondary market or buying a new cottage in a newly built or already built campus.

Purchase of finished country house: the pros and cons

The decision to buy ready-made country cottage has its positive and negative sides. It should be noted that their ratio depends on the purchase of homes on the primary or secondary market. One of the main advantages of the finished cabin is the choice of location. The most attractive place in terms of transport interchanges has long been bought, so buying the finished cottage is the only opportunity to buy a country house in a pick-me place.

The second advantage - it's infrastructure. Developed infrastructure, engagement of all communications, as well as neighbors, corresponding to your status - all these and more you can offer the cottage, which has long operated. If you purchased a cottage in a newly built village will have to trust the word to developers, because the whole infrastructure is built to last.

As a rule, when buying a ready cottage negative side, surprisingly, less than the desire to build a house yourself. Intent to convert house for yourself you are unlikely to surprise anyone, so we just say that this desire will require some investment, but the facelift, it's still not major, so the "headache" will be less.

When you purchase the house it useful to be expert advice, which in practical terms will evaluate the materials used for construction and identify all existing defects. It is not necessary at this saving, exactly the kind of reassurance will allow you to not regret buying a finished house. In that case if you bought a cottage in the new settlement should be prepared for the fact that cosmetic repairs will take place not only you but also around the village, so that repair work may be slightly delayed.

Building country cottage: the pros and cons
In this case, the disadvantages in any case more than the pros. If you purchased a building plot and are looking for stories about the cost of construction, we dare to debunk this myth. Private construction is almost equal in value to the purchase of finished housing, plus add to that protracted period and you will leave the same amount, but spread over several years. If you do not jack of all trades, you will have to monitor all stages of construction or hire professionals who can do the job for you. In this case, we deliberately silent about coordination of the project, closing the communications, etc.

Among positive aspects, the most significant release - build your dream home, pick-me place. If we talk about the economy works, then immediately raises the question of whether - to live it for you. However, if the desire to build their dream home - large, rightly so.

If you purchased a cottage in the early stages of construction, will be less than minuses. For example, you will not have to agree on a project or cares about the conduct of communications. Management company will take on these issues, but there is a risk unfinished, especially in the current situation or too slow pace of construction works.

Of course, only you can decide what to choose: home building or buying the finished cottage. However, given the variety of options to find his single is not difficult.
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