Builders suburban settlements are ready to give interest-free installment payment

01.03.2011 16:02
Articles about real estate | Builders suburban settlements are ready to give interest-free installment payment Hire purchase - not a new mechanism used in sales in the primary suburban real estate market. But over the last year interest in him grew and by the developers, and - of buyers.

Often getting an interest-free preference from the builder, the buyer can enter into a contract with only 30% of the required amount. The developer will not remain in the loser - it increases the pace of sales and reduces the volume of bank lending, says the magazine in the article "Summer House by installments from the builder: easy to get, you can save on interest and pay off quickly."

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RODEX GROUP provides installment buyers of households in a cottage village "Zvenigora" and "Perelisky" at the New Riga and in the townships "Pine Beach and Golden Sands on the shores of Mozhaisky reservoir. Installments are also available when buying a house in the village of Vita Verde in FGC "Leader" and other developers.

The benefit of the developer from providing installment - is another tool that allows you to attract more buyers to the project. With the proper formation of the proposed scheme on the installment plan builder receives additional inflow of funds into the project and is not as dire need of borrowed funds.

Terms of installments, each developer defines itself - there is no law. The main drawback of installments over a mortgage - a short duration. The higher the willingness to house, so it is shorter. Besides installment is not available at home, being put into operation in parts of the village. For most developers, this period is limited to the duration of building houses, and sometimes the whole village as a whole, and rarely more than two years. Another argument is not in favor of installment - a higher amount of down payment, compared with a mortgage. For example, in the Savings Bank is already possible to obtain a mortgage loan, the first installment of 10%. A buyer cottages installment should have as a down payment of at least 30% of the value of the property.

Advantages of Leasing - save for the use of money due to low interest. Typically, this is 1,5% per month for the balance of the unpaid money. Most developers still interest-free installments. For example, under the scheme RODEX GROUP sells household in the village Zvenigora "," Perelisky "," Pine Beach and Golden Sands. Kaskad Family - in the townships "Bestuzhev", "Ulyankina Gorki", "Coast FM» and Velyaminovsky Uezd », MOZAIK Development - in the" high bank "and" Smartville Dmitrovka, "says the magazine
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