Builders say the revival of the market of new buildings

11.07.2010 17:21
June, despite the seasonal expectations, was one of the most active months in the construction industry. Buyers of new buildings to exhibit high level of interest comparable with the period that preceded the crisis.

This is related by Claudius Bondarev, Director of Finance and Construction Company "Pagoda".
"We're seeing an unprecedented revival of the market. Only for the month of June, our company has sold the same number of apartments, but for the entire crisis in 2009. Almost every day we bought an apartment in the residential complex "Sunny"! Every day, 7.6 customers come to watch and evaluate our apartment in residential complex "- she said.

According to developers, such hype is associated not only with the proven quality of commissioned housing complexes, but also with the overcoming of the "dead zone" of investor confidence to builders.
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