Builders feel the ground under their feet

30.12.2010 21:02
Articles about real estate | Builders feel the ground under their feet Builders meet in 2011 in a good mood: those who has undergone a crisis years 2008 and 2009, in 2010, began to rise from his knees. On the Russian real estate market began to rise and housing prices and rental rates for retail, office and warehouse space, and banks have to ease requirements for the issuance of credits.

In the new year with an increase in transactions

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According to experts, it was in 2010, and investors, and tenants have realized that the real estate market is at the "bottom" and that the price of it now will only grow until the next major crisis.

For example, the director of the department of trade and regional real estate company Penny Lane Realty Alex's grave, the Russian retail market successfully coped with the crisis and is currently on the rise.

Stable or slightly better than last year's performance in the office market, says head of research directions CB Richard Ellis Irina Florovit.

"If last year's total volume of transactions in the market amounted to 1.37 million square meters, but this year we expect that this figure will remain at the same level or slightly exceed it," - she said.

Continues to recover and the housing market, says director of sales department of elite real estate company Penny Lane Realty Aleksander Zima. According to him, especially noticeable in the increased customer demand: since the fourth quarter, the company concludes a monthly basis at 15% more deals than at the beginning of the year.

"The reason is that the main factor of pent-up demand - the expectation of further fall in prices - has lost relevance. Many of the solvency of the buyer returned to the market" - says Zima.

Calls a year's thaw and the revival in 2010 in the housing market and CEO Miel - New Maria Litinetskaya.

"As sales activity this year, the market is not only returned to pre-crisis indicators, but also exceeded them. According to the FRS on registered transactions of purchase and sale of housing, in 2007 there were only 77.3 thousand transactions. In 2008 - 65,1 thousands of transactions. In 2009 - 55,6 thousand transactions. During 10 months of 2010 already recorded 68,000 transactions - an increase over figures for 2008 and 2009 and for the same period of 2007 "- indicates Litinetskaya.

Improvement occurs in 2010 and suburban real estate market indicates that the head office of "Candlemas" Department of suburban real estate company INCOM - Property Anton Arkhipov. According to him, gradually gone from the market hot deals at the lowest possible prices, which appeared to patch up the financial hole developers. During the year the market has stabilized, he states.

In turn, Director of Marketing Department of suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty Alexander Rykov indicates that for 2010 the whole country real estate went up, and prices began to rise at the rate of inflation.

"If during 2009 and first half of 2010 rose in price only quality items, but now we see that on 0,5-1% a month in costs is growing. Appreciation of real estate at a rate close to inflation - an indicator of a healthy market. When it rises in price faster, inflates a bubble, when more slowly - comes stagnation ", - concludes Rykov.

From the buyer's market to seller's market

Improved market conditions led to a change in the relations between tenants and landlords, as well as between sellers and buyers. However, not all segments of the prevailing crisis in a buyer's market returns to the market positions of the seller are equally fast. So, Tomb said that tenants today are asked to finish by the landlord, the abolition of the annual indexation rates and deposit payments.

"In the rental policy in 2010 continued the transition of retail operators in rental rates," percentage of sales. "For example, no more than $ 150 per square meter per year, plus 5% VAT. And if in 2008-2009, such privileges are available only large companies, but this year is already small and medium size operators have to obtain such conditions, "- he adds.

According to Graves, tenants such form of payment is advantageous because in general it is smaller, so they will do everything possible "to prevent a return to previous conditions."

But according to leading specialist department of office real estate company Penny Lane Realty Maxim Zhulikova on liquidity facilities owners began gently to dictate their terms. Example, he says, can serve as a returned item in the contract indexation of rental rates once a year in which tenants are forced to accept, as the volume of quality supply is actively reduced.

"Thus, in the office segment is not yet market a landlord, but no longer monopolized market tenant," - he points out.

Touched on the changes in the past year and warehouse real estate market, where the director of the department warehouse Penny Lane Realty Igor Kazimov already notes the decrease in supply to blocks of 500 to 3 thousand square meters.

"However, developers have been slow to start new projects and offer a format of interaction built-to-suit, which provides a guaranteed demand for space. This is due to financial difficulties development structure, as well as the specificity of the requirements of major tenants to the parameters of the warehouse," - adds he said.

As for changes in the past year citizen preferences for suburban real estate market, the principal amount of sales for the period were in areas without a contract, said Arkhipov. In his view, this trend will continue in the coming year.

"This is due mainly to the fact that most buyers do not have the required amount on sites with contract, and finished houses. At the same time there are fears for the safety of existing resources. Therefore option purchase plots without a contract it seems most appropriate for today because allows you to keep saving. Then the owners of such land will be able to plan construction based on their financial capabilities, "- he said.

Mood for change in Moscow

Choosing a major event in 2010, RIA Novosti all sides unanimously favored resignation of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov and the ensuing changes in the executive branch in the capital in general and the construction sector of the city in particular.

"Undoubtedly, the most significant events I would mention the appointment of a new Mayor and the following from the new city government initiatives which have affected the largely commercial real estate market, such as: the abolition of a number of projects, active review of all investment contracts, including a close study and criticism of MIBC" Moscow City. "Cancellation of the complex of administrative buildings in Moscow in the City" - indicates the partner of Blackwood Kovalev.

Following the appointment to the post Sobyanin metropolitan mayor at the helm of the Moscow building complex there were many new faces, first and foremost - the deputy mayor for city planning policies and construction Marat Khusnullin, formerly Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing of Tatarstan.
According to Zima, the new Moscow officials, and also for civil servants, who managed to hold onto his post, priority will be leveling the imbalance between the amount of the housing and urban infrastructure: for many years in the capital, housing is built faster pace.

"As a result of lack of roads and flyovers, metro lines, parking lots, stores, medical centers, schools and kindergartens. In the first mayor of Moscow intends to focus on the construction of roads and transport infrastructure. It is possible that next year would face more stringent requirements to investment contracts to build housing, "- he points out.

Director of the same company "MIEL - Commercial Real Estate Yuri Taranenko not exclude the possibility that shifting the focus of activity because of the permutations of power in the capital will not only officials but also to market participants.

"Many of the new solutions of the new mayor, such as - to ban the construction of business center at Khitrovo demolition of stalls and kiosks, attempts to solve the transport problems of the city, and increasing the number of parking spaces - could affect the real estate market. All this makes the market players to be more mobile, creative, prepared for unexpected turns, "- he concluded.
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