Builders began offering buyers discounts

26.05.2011 16:54
Articles about real estate | Builders began offering buyers discounts Spring ends and ahead of the long-awaited summer - a season holidays and vacations. Purchasing activity in the property market in the summer season falls. Although buyers, who at that time will want to buy housing in buildings under construction, will not be vnaklade.

In anticipation of summer, developers have prepared them attractive offers. May need a little push back your vacation and look at the website builder, says the magazine in the article "Equity developers: Spring-Summer 2011. Buyers are waiting for discounts, special mortgage programs, gifts and surprises. "

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Previously, special events, usually operated in the memorable date of the companies themselves - the anniversary of education, round date in the market, as well as discounts were available for the New Year, or even to any holiday. And now developers, especially in the early stages of project implementation, offering customers a variety of preferences, not only in the "holiday" periods, but also on weekdays.

There are seasonal discounts: developers in the summer, when business activity is declining, today announced price reductions. However, there are cases where Discount campaign, advertised the builder, in fact, created artificially, since before its formal opening prices rise, then a buyer offered to buy apartments with summer discounts. Therefore, the real price of apartments at a discount usually does not differ greatly from the cost "before the rally."

There is one more reason not devoid of opinion that housing Pozar, realized by special programs, you can buy an apartment of inferior quality. After all, as a rule, participate in activities not all free living space, and only a few apartments. Choosing among the options available, it is worth looking closely at the risks - experts advise.

The fact that significant discounts are offered on most projects at an early stage of construction or the performance, inferior in quality to competitors. For example, it can be flat, which is much worse than selling the "usual" way - say, on the last or first floors, with a not very successful layouts, etc.

Buyer should be alerted too much stock in the company. It already gives an unbalanced pricing, lack of understanding of consumers' moods and tastes of katabatic shop that specialize in construction of residential complexes of the business class is unacceptable, says the magazine

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