Budget suburban housing: a fast, inexpensive, individually

16.10.2010 20:35
Articles about real estate | Budget suburban housing: a fast, inexpensive, individually Low-Rise Building houses has recently become very popular in Ukraine, which is due to several factors - some city dwellers tired of the hustle and plan to build a house outside the city, to have complete rest, the other plotting the construction of country houses, to be able to communicate with nature. We should not also discount the fact that the crisis has reduced the price of land, which also provoked increased construction of houses in our country.

Everyone once in my life thought about building your own home, but often it frightened the cost of this "event, the mass of the problems encountered.
When a person builds their own house, he seeks to cheapen the process. However, taking such a decision, one must understand that the whole year will have almost daily to come on the scene and monitor the work: to address the issue of their stay, to direct the process, keep track of what materials they use, etc.

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Budget suburban housingRecently the company entered the market with new technologies construction of country houses, the cost of 1 sq. m of which starts with 200 dollars.

Currently, there are several types of houses: Modular, frame, Beam, "sandwich-panel houses," half-timbered, panel frame.
They differ technologies, the materials used. A unites them in common: economy, speed, energy efficiency, reliability.

Modern prefab can be a real architectural highlight, which will enjoy a few generations. In its warm, cozy, comfortable, safe. However, such a house is worth very little and is going in a matter of days. You say it does not happen that quickly, but at the same time reliable, cheap and very good ... And there is!

It is now in "architecture of the box" has a chance to become something more than a simple, affordable housing for not too wealthy citizens.

Frame-house construction, in fact, similar to the well-known from past years, the construction of prefabricated devices, but in connection with the use of new technologies and advanced materials is now experiencing a real "boom", allowing you to build a comfortable and elegant accommodation, and the speed of erection of the buildings makes it the most competitive .

Advantages frame construction
Economy. Houses built on the Canadian technology, have low cost and low consumption of materials. Price 1 m ? of this house is only 130 $ -160 $ for the entire frame is fully insulated. For example the cost of a finished house on a turnkey basis with total area of about 100 m ? would cost $ 40,000.
In addition, the cost of heating a home are minimal, thus allowing for both full and economical heating of the building in the absence of natural gas, even in the harsh Arctic conditions.
Savings achieved initially by reducing labor costs for the foundation (2 times).

Speed. Assembled with high precision in the factory building is mounted on the ground without the use of heavy machinery, and in any season. Panel modules are easily transported and installed two or three people (the weight of 1m ? panel thickness of 162 mm. Is only 18-20kg),. A team of 3-4 people assembles home area 150-200m ? for 2-3 weeks.

Energy. The brick wall can have a similar heat-saving quality 162 mm SIP panel, only the thickness of 3,11 m!
Seasonal use of gas for heating homes erected on the SIP technology in 2 times less than that of similar brick house.

Reliability. Sandwich Panel by monolithic bonding withstand a transverse load of 2 tons per 1 m
The strength and rigidity of the structure of floors and walls can be used for the construction of panel houses up to 5 floors. Allowable load equivalent to Wall Element with two bars - 30-35tonn.

Environment. Such houses are environmentally friendly, combine the proven quality of natural materials with the advantage of scientific developments in the construction, and the possibility of multiple finishing options allows us to give them any appearance.

In standard homes include: a set of houses with assembly, foundation, chimney, roof turnkey (metal), window (metal-plastic) and door system with assembly, external finish (plaster combination). Standard price - from 200 dol. / m
while the "square" house of logs worth of $ 300 from AAC - 400.
The price of the house "turnkey" includes connections for all communications, Interior - ceiling, walls (sheetrock final finishing), floor (tiles, laminate), delivery to Ukraine. Price "turnkey" - from 300 dol. / m
Cost of the house, which was built with monolithic construction of permanent shuttering, two times lower than similar houses built with traditional materials (eg, bricks) and technology

Prefab Homes

The concept of "frame house" includes several varieties of construction methods and permits the use of a variety of materials. They are united by one thing - the presence of the framework.
Today we know a lot of construction technology at home. Each of these technologies has both advantages and some disadvantages. Undoubted advantage possessed by frame houses - it is their relatively low cost and high speed construction. No wonder the construction of houses on the Canadian tehnologiiinogda called the construction of prefabricated houses. Judge for yourself - frame houses covering about 150 square meters are built from about 3 to 4 weeks, while the construction of a similar size house brick will take at least 12 months. At the same time he carries the fast frame house set in about two weeks, and the rest of the time spent on interior decoration. By the way, interior trim frame houses can be started immediately after the erection of walls, prefabricated houses because no shrinking demand, which for the brick, wooden houses or buildings of cinder blocks took about a year. In addition, prefabricated frame houses can be build at any time of year, without regard to the weather forecast. Thus, doing house-warming party in the new Frame-house you can in just two months after the start of construction.

The wooden frame is going on the principle of cellular structure with a step of 500-600 mm a team of workers from 4 - 5 persons and is a very tough and durable construction. Bruce, from which the collected frame, manufactured in the company of selected conifers dried to 15% humidity engineered designs. Wood is processed from fire, rot and insect infestation preservatives and flame retardants in the time of manufacture designs. After assembly of the bearing structure (skeleton), outside it, sheathed waterproof OSB plate inside the wall is filled with fire-resistant mineral or cellulose insulation, whereby the wall of a frame house on the heat loss is equivalent to a brick wall two meters thick. To protect the insulation and the wooden frame from moisture and wind pressure on the outside and the inside of the frame is attached vapor-permeable membrane. Thus, your house becomes a "breathing". After the membrane on the inner side frame sheathed gypsum board, divorce communication and electrical network, and again closed all the plasterboard. In conclusion, we have a wall thickness of 200 mm. I wish to notice that all communications are hidden in the walls and ceiling, and you get an aesthetically beautiful rooms.
Finishing a frame house can be varied, it all depends on availability and customer requirements. Outside - a log house, blockhouse, decorative plaster, siding, face brick, or other finishing material. Intra - tile, wallpapers, coloring.
Frame houses not only economical and ideal in the aesthetic field, they are not subject to shrinkage and therefore can finish them soon after construction. In my house you can live within a 3-4 months.
The advantages of frame construction: the possibility of building at any time of year, the high rate of construction, high insulation properties of a design at a relatively low thickness of the walls.
Thus, the construction of frame houses shows significant advantages with respect to the classical type of construction of buildings.

The most important advantage of this technology, as well as frame-and-shield, as well as a panel, is that really a good country house can be built for relatively little money and very quickly. But he will not look the hut on chicken legs, the life which gives some clear disadvantages.

Viktor Kovalenko


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