"Brovarske deal" about the biggest bribe in Ukraine came to court

13.11.2010 10:01
The trial of officials of the Kiev region, which extorted the biggest bribe in Ukraine's history-$ 42 million in the meantime, all persons involved in the process have already been released from custody.<br /><br />General Prosecutor's Office gave the court an indictment against former officials Brovarskoy district of Kyiv region. They are the 2008 attempt to obtain a bribe to a $ 42 million earlier ex-Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko called it the largest bribe, which was registered in Ukraine.<br /><br />On suspicion of extortion in the dock sat the ex-head of district administration Brovarskyi Nikolai Didenko, former head of the district zemresursov Michael Kolodij, his deputy Alexander Stetsyuk and two intermediary organizations in the crime - five people.<br /><br />The police and prosecutor's office reported that these officials have demanded money from a Syrian businessman for selection in Brovarskom area of land with total area of 76 hectares for the construction of cottage.<br /><br />The defendants at the moment of his guilt did not recognize and refuse to testify in court, saying the prosecutor's office. Their lawyers argue that at the beginning with the testimony of the victim must come - just as such, is a Syrian businessman and a frustrated investor Alhaji Yahya Ahmad. Currently, he is in Ukraine, but at the last hearing was unable to appear due to illness.<br /><br />All defendants are also in Ukraine. After a lengthy stay in custody March 31, 2010 were released Nikolai Didenko and Michael deck. Alexander Stetsyuk been released in October of 2009. Currently, they are under a ban.<br /><br />As told to "cause" the prosecutor Dmitry Lobanov, representing the prosecution in a court case against Brovarsky officials since mid-July 2010 began to look at Borispol city district court. Law enforcement and judicial authorities deliberately did not entrust the fate of the accused Brovarskiy court to avoid a possible influence on judges. For the three months already held seven meetings in the case of bribery. Of these, most were devoted to motions by the defendants' counsel with respect to the indictment, the prosecutor's office.<br /><br />In court, prosecutor's position somewhat weakened by the fact that the bribe was never transferred to the final recipient. At the time of the operation to apprehend the criminals police seized two suitcases of money with an intermediary - "connected" between the recipient and the owner of a large amount. This man just carried the "first tranche" representatives of local authorities. In this regard, the main defendants - former head Brovarskyi district administration, the former head of zemresursov and his deputy accused of not taking a bribe, and the attempted bribe, which is a less serious crime.<br /><br />Among other things, the investigation revealed that during the negotiations between the investors and officials Brovarsky area total bribe was reduced from $ 42 million to $ 11.2 million This is the amount set aside in the indictment, the prosecutor's office. Also worth noting is that in the suitcases, which were seized operatives at the time of arrest, there were only 11 mln.<br /><br />As stated in the investigation, the text of which has a "business", originally a businessman of Syrian officials demanded $ 38 million for allocation of 36 hectares of land within the boundaries of the village council Pogrebskogo Brovarsky area, and then another $ 4 million for allocation of 40 hectares on the territory of the village council Semipolkovskogo (less than Prestigious land). Later, the parties agreed to reduce the size of bribes to $ 7.2 million for the land in the village cellars ($ 2 thousand sq.m.). The amount of sites in Semipolkah - $ 4 million<br />($ 1 thousand sq.m.) - remained unchanged.<br /><br />If the court finds the defendant is guilty, then the most serious penalty shall bear the ex-head of district administration Brovarskyi Nikolai Didenko, who faces up to 12 years in prison, and former head of the land area Mikhail deck - he "shines" for eight years imprisonment.<br /><br />The biggest trick in 2010<br /><br />The sum of bribes, which law enforcement officers discovered in 2010, amounts to 2,5 mln. According to the Interior Ministry, namely the sum extorted over 2.5 hectares of land in one of the regions of Ukraine. In 2009, the size of the bribes, which he received a government official, was 6 mln.<br /><br />According to statistics, most often prosecuted for bribery in Ukraine attracted heads of territorial administration of the Accounting Chamber, chief representative of the regional offices of the State Property Fund, the chairmen of regional state administrations, mayors and other government workers.<br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com">www.zagorodna.com</a><br />
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