Britons spend in rented homes 70% more time than before the crisis

26.08.2010 09:37
Amount of time spent by the British in the shot in his own country for rest homes, increased between 2007 and 2010 at 67%, says a study by the consulting company Knight Frank.

As stated therein, in a crisis people of Britain have more to spend their vacations in their country. In turn, investors have paid attention to the opportunity to take home for rent during holidays.

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The report provides evidence that the number of "second homes" in Britain rose in 2009 (after declining in 2008 to 0,4%) 2,6% - up to 245.384 thousand. In 2010, growth should be 2% (to 250,000), experts say.
"Increased demand for rental during the year has allowed buyers to begin to perceive a second home as an investment, not a luxury. Investing in second homes has become more attractive and comfortable with the emergence of asset management companies for the town houses" - the report emphasizes.

In this case, there is in it, buyers can still use the house for their own needs within a few weeks a year, thus obtaining maximum benefit from their property.

As experts predict, the market for vacation homes will grow in the UK, since the proposal of secondary houses in popular locations is limited.

"The demand for vacation homes continues to grow, and much of this demand comes from buyers who in the past preferred to buy a house abroad", - stated in the materials.

How do I add to them, the objects are located 90 minutes from major cities are the most popular - because there can go on weekends throughout the year.
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