British Prime Minister house sold at a deep discount

08.10.2012 00:30
Articles about real estate | British Prime Minister house sold at a deep discount Huge mansion, located in the scenic park, with a clock tower, rooms for servants and stables, was the first in the world home to Anthony Eden, who was born here in 1897. Several years ago, the history of this estate would sell for $ 3.2 million, but after a few years and the lack of interest from buyers mansion owners have been forced to reduce the price to $ 389 thousand, and then finally found who wants to buy the estate.

Stately mansion built in accordance with all the principles and rules of the time. In the U-shaped structure of the stunning old rooms, decorated with antiques and other items of Victorian decor, unusual fireplaces and ceilings give the interior decoration of the house a special mystique.

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The mansion, which is located near the city Rushiford, in County Durham, in 1835, was rebuilt on the ruins of the old castle of the 16th century by Robert Johnson Eden. Anthony Eden, who became prime minister in 1955 and held the office for two years, was born, grew up and lived almost all his life in this house.

During the Second World war mansion became home to German women, then it housed a school for children with behavioral disorders. When it was built a new building, the mansion remained vacant.
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