Bricks are still in vogue

29.10.2011 09:02
Articles about real estate | Bricks are still in vogue Country market is gradually filled with timbered houses. As for materials, the population still prefers wood.

Ukrainians are so fond of wooden houses, that despite the progress at the highest level of box-frame low-rise technology buyers even in this segment of the preferred design using wood. Choosing, for which technology will be built private house, the clients first and foremost pay attention to eco-friendly materials, as well as at their longevity.

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The share of wooden cottages in the total supply of cottage villages in Ukraine, according to the company RealEkspo "(Kiev), reaching only 2.78%.
In new projects, which were derived on the market in 2010, the year lead-frame technology. Appears in the overall structure of supply and permanent formwork technology (Velox).

According to the company "RealEkspo, today the bulk of the technology market is a traditional cottage building material - brick (82,2%). The proportion of objects frame housing, houses of foam and aerated, according to the company, much less - 5.1% and 7.3% respectively of the total number of cottage settlements.

"Wood - an eco-friendly and well-proven material, it is no doubt in use as a builder, and the customers" - said the director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko. "Most private clients are interested in wood technology. Of course, the skeleton - it's fast and cheap, but people who have the means, still prefer the wooden house building. Important to them for money, so market leading Ukrainian and Finnish companies that have long proved themselves. "

Technology show class
Construction technology is one of the characteristics in the classification of cottage settlements. Thus, the construction of elite settlements are more likely to apply technology to the use of brick and wood.

In the villages of business-class specific preferences in technology do not. Here is the carcass, and laminated veneer lumber, and cellular concrete. The decoration is used brick and granite. While teams of technology were a novelty, they are also used in the construction of settlements business class, but then firmly entrenched in the segment of "comfort" ("Economy"). Now, panel-frame technology is sometimes used to build houses in the villages of the business class, but must use different methods of quality exterior or interior finish.

With regard to low-cost settlements, and there are not only used brick, all other technologies are presented. And in the case are any concrete or wood, as well as the combined technologies. In settlements where people build houses for themselves they buy prepared engineering sites, we can meet any technology.

Suburban facilities acquired or constructed as a temporary or permanent residence. In the first case, the house can be inexpensive, not too warm, not very durable. In the second case, the choice of technology depends on the buyer. If a country house - addition to a city apartment, the buyers are usually trying to get a good make structure. If it is an alternative to a city shelter, often the most important factor is price, and then the buyer is willing to choose a cheap prefabricated technology.

Construction for the week
According to Victor Kovalenko, the panel-frame technology is not only the cheapest, but also saves assembly time at home. Relying on these two advantages of prefabricated low-rise buildings, can provide relatively inexpensive housing for many people as possible.

The official term of service and houses the first mass series and the current low-rise timber frame houses, in most cases is about 50 years, approximately fits within one generation. However, in some Western countries, came to us from prefabricated houses and frame technology, there is a surplus of housing. In this case, in 20-30 years the desire to change the house will look as natural as the desire to change the car or household appliances.

It is believed that frame technology affordable. However, manufacturing companies and developers are often cunning, calling in advertisements price of prefabricated homes. "The whole box is a bit longer, most companies, it costs almost the same. But when called low price, it usually means that the value of networks, the foundation and roof it is not included ", - said Victor Kovalenko. If the cost of the box to add the cost of acquiring land, engineering, roof and foundation, less than 50 thousand $ now unlikely to succeed.

More than 80% of low-rise housing in the world built on frame technology, even in regions with mild winters (Canada, Scandinavia, etc.). Now everything is a growing panel and frame technology, when all the prefabricated elements are manufactured in a factory. The basis of the house serves as a frame of wood (mostly - corrugated or laminated veneer lumber) or metal (galvanized construction of low-alloy steel), which are mounted on panels (concrete, wood, and any other) with a heater inside (rock or basalt wool). Moreover, the factory option is already all-inclusive, even the wiring and windows. As the exterior any suitable materials: natural or artificial stone, siding, and wood.

Prefab construction is relatively light, so they can build on a lightweight foundation. To build the frame houses do not need heavy construction equipment and a large number of workers, it can be done at any time of year, at a cost of only a few days. The entire construction process takes two to three months, as site preparation for construction and installation of foundations has not been canceled.

Panels that are manufactured in the factory must comply with the standard project. Typically, manufacturers offer several options for prefabricated houses (which differ mainly the area). Consumer characteristics, panel-frame houses are not worse than others. And on teplosberezheniya they may even surpass them. The main defect of such homes - bad planning model projects, but some customers are not confused.

Flood home
Used in the construction of country houses and concrete technology. The most popular recent submission - aerated and foam concrete (cellular concrete). They are used for manufacturing units in the factory ("baked in ovens), foam concrete is also used in liquid form as a filler hinged panels, because it has good insulating qualities. Given the relative ease of these blocks can be used in the construction of lightweight foundation. In addition, a significant amount of blocks to accelerate the construction process (at least compared to masonry). In this case, the guaranteed service life of such homes - 100 years.

A tribute to tradition

Brick - a traditional material that is used in cottage construction. It retains heat well in the clutch, the life of a brick house - 100-150 years. In recent years, a brick had changed. For example, he felt better in two-fold: the old weighing 4,5-5 kg, modern - 2,1-2,5. The shape and color can now be arbitrary. Produced porous brick (voids can be up to 50% by volume), which retains heat well.

Wooden diversity

The current wooden houses meet all modern requirements of energy saving, ecology and safety. Spectrum presented on a suburban market kinds of wooden houses varied: home manual felling and prefabricated houses made of solid wood and Modular.

According to Victor Kovalenko, "a fundamentally new technology on the market in the near future do not appear, but new materials - possible. Technologies for wood housing will continue to evolve and there will be a combination of various types of wood."

To market swings

According to experts' RealEkspo "in connection with the anticipated growth of the cottage towns economy class one can predict an increasing interest in skeletal structures, gas and foam, half-timbered houses. "Since the development of the sphere is a country cottage house-building, improving and developing infrastructure, and forming a positive image of living outside the city, assumed an active launch of new facilities and, accordingly, will increase the number of projects where these technologies are applied," - the company says.

According to experts' RealEkspo ", will actively develop technologies and wooden frame-and-panel construction, not so much because of its cheapness, but because of the speed of construction. Proportion of frame housing seriously grow up.
Victor Kovalenko
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