Brazil plans to get rid of slums

11.02.2011 16:39
In 2011, Brazil will spend about $ 17 billion for social housing within the social housing program "My House, My Life." Due to her country is gradually getting rid of the housing deficit, while the poor are able to acquire their own home.

Experts summing subtotals Brazilian social program "My House, My Life," which was launched in March 2009 and aims to provide housing the poorest people, as well as resettling slum. As reported by portal Stockmarketsreview, positive changes are already visible through a large-scale investments in real estate and almost unheard of for a country scale construction: the end of 2014 the authorities promised to build 3 million new homes.

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Until now, the main causes of the housing crisis in Brazil was the housing shortage and a large number of citizens whose incomes do not allow to buy their own home. For example, in 2005 the average Brazilian family to buy a property valued at 60,000 reais ($ 36 thousand), it was necessary to have income at 10 times the minimum wage. With the introduction of the program "My House, My Life" housing became more affordable.

Under the plan, in 2010 Brazil had to appear about one million new homes. However, the construction a bit behind schedule, and the authorities intend to catch up in 2011.

Need for housing became more obvious after the recent floods in Rio de Janeiro and, as the newspaper notes, the new president Dilma Russeff, giving the project "My house, my life" a lot of attention. The approved budget for the program in 2011 - 30.6 billion reais (about $ 17 billion).

The government also plans to ease price caps on property acquired within the social program. For example, in cities with populations over one million inhabitants, the highest price for the property will increase from 130 thousand reais ($ 77 thousand) to 170 thousand reais ($ 101 thousand). For smaller towns the limit price will be raised from 100 thousand reais ($ 60 thousand) to 130 thousand reais ($ 77 million). This measure will further increase the number of homeowners in Brazil.
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