Brand new: Three Steps to Purchase

03.05.2011 07:42
Articles about real estate | Brand new: Three Steps to Purchase Mortgage rates though slowly, but falling. The housing market of the capital gradually comes to life.

Experts say that the greatest demand is for new apartments. What's happening in the housing market and how to choose?

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What's happening in the market

The metropolitan housing market is an interesting trend: the cost of one-bedroom apartments in the Khrushchev virtually indistinguishable from full-fledged studio apartment in modern homes. The area of ??new flats more often than the old housing. Perhaps that's why more and more buyers go to the primary market. At least on this, analysts say, Komsomolskaya Pravda.

True, and buying a new home loans more profitable than the old one: the stakes in the banks that provide mortgage loans for the purchase of new apartments, on average 1.5% lower than the credit of the secondary market. So today let's talk about how to choose a nice new apartment.

Step 1. Choosing a home

To date, more valued at home, which already delivered or are in the final stages of construction. The fact that delays in the timing of commissioning even before the crisis was not something out of the ordinary. People were waiting an average of 3-6 months beyond the time frame that is stipulated in the contract. If you add on to that the 3-6 months are spent to repair the apartment, then you have to live somewhere else a year after the alleged delivery of houses in operation.

If we talk about materials, the buyer's choice is not so great - or brick panel. Building panels, building a much faster cast-frame buildings. Due to this, their price is at least 15-20% below the brick counterparts. This is a plus, but there are also disadvantages. Firstly, to make alterations to the flat panel is much more complicated, because the load-bearing walls can not remove it. Secondly, they have the worst internal sound insulation and the colder exterior walls. In addition, the apartments themselves in such houses by area less than the monolithic frame. But for some it may be a plus if the money for a larger area housing is not enough.

Step 2. Choose an apartment

After you select the home and the number of rooms in the next apartment to the buyer may be a few more questions. For example, whether to pay extra for the view from the window? I think many people read in the ads that sold so-called "species" apartment.

Experts believe that if you have the windows of a vacant lot or park, then pay an additional amount is not worth it. The fact is that increasingly, their new houses being built.

In terms of the cardinal traditionally quoted east and west. If the apartment is located on the top floor, as long as the sun shone all day. Summer in an apartment would be impossible to live.

Also worth thinking about the floor. Many people like to look at the city down. But consider whether you are ready to ensure that in case you have to stop the elevator up to the twentieth floor of his foot. Indeed, until the house is not occupied at least 70% lift in home runs regularly. For each delivery of construction materials have to look up an employee who is responsible for the lift.

Step 3. Choosing a builder

To protect yourself from future problems before you buy try to find all information about a company that will build your house. The first step is go to the Internet. The site builder is available with its history, objects that he is building, as well as the layout of the proposed apartments. Some companies every month posted on their Web sites fresh pictures and even videos that illustrate the state of construction works.

After this visit specialized forums, where customers communicate with apartments in different buildings. There you can meet future neighbors, learn about all the rumors that circulate around the house, and read a chronology of the construction of other houses the same builder.

Your second step is required - visit the most construction. It is desirable to do so during working hours, to see how many people are on site, driving a construction materials, operate a tower crane.

Be sure to go to the office of the builder. Ask to see all the necessary documents. Talk with staff and be sure to take a standard contract home. In the quiet atmosphere you can read it and consult with a lawyer if there are any questions on his points.

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