"Boulevard villages" are in vogue

04.11.2010 18:44
Articles about real estate | "Boulevard villages" are in vogue During the Soviet era of "tabloid novels spoke only in whispers, and" Pulp Fiction "addicted to the most narrow-minded people. Despite such negative connotations, as a purely urban phenomenon Boulevard location for recreation, entertainment and welcome meetings, deserves special attention. And it got the attention of parkway from an unexpected quarter-on developers cottage settlements.

And in the village will fit
Dictionary Sergei Ozhegova interprets the word "boulevard" as a broad avenue that runs in the middle of a city street or along the waterfront. Naturally, the boulevard was only urban destination. But lately, the construction of such lanes suddenly carried away by suburban developers. As for modern architectural terms, the boulevards are called wide streets with flower beds, walkways, benches, street lamps, park sculpture, stalls and tents for retailers. Moreover, such a street can be a combined highway with pedestrian and bicycle paths.

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"In the end, - says Alexey Ivanov, head of the workshop" Arhstroydizayn "- Promenade is an important element in town planning, which focuses around a social life. And therefore appropriate and in the suburban construction. For example, using the boulevard can successfully reveal the modelview prospect of entering the village, to focus on some important dominant, arrange safe one-way traffic, increase the distance between houses and the area of recreational areas. "

The most successful is in the cottage Blvd Greenfield, which is 29 km to Novorizhskoe highway. Also noteworthy is the boulevard in the town of Linden Park in the Kaluga road, which is "mounted" in an old lime avenue. Boulevard in the village of Earl Ponds starts right from the entry of the group and dragged to the pond in the central part of the settlement. On both sides it will be planted with fruit bushes and trees. And will start with low shrubs, and the distance from the central entrance vegetable plantation will be increased in height. When the 50-meter wide boulevard to the length of a kilometer.
In short, suburban boulevard no longer a novelty. Another thing that the towns in which they laid on the Russian market still rare.

Parameters of elitism
In overseas organized villages almost half the territory is given under the public needs. And everybody is happy. Russian landlord prefers to have the land not in public and in private ownership. Therefore, a developer easier and more profitable to sell the extra weave into private ownership. None of the future inhabitants of the village will not be offended if the total area will be smaller, and personal - more.

Although times are changing. At least the leading domestic architects believe that with private owners must be addressed through expansion and decoration of public areas. One of the methods - planning Blvd. Of course, it is important not to upset the balance between the beautiful intelligence and economic component. "Boulevard Of course, expensive, - says Alexey Ivanov. - But money spent on it with the interest will turn into liquidity homes and magnificent mood of citizens residing in the township. When we are at your own risk, designed the boulevard in the village of Novy Svet, a customer doubted how it would react to the buyer? But more than six dozen "houses" located along the boulevard on 27 acres, were sold within two years. And the "guilt" that has become a boulevard with public zone, cycling and walkways. "The presence of the boulevard is not the most important factor when buying a suburban property, - said Petr Kirillov, director of marketing for the village Velich. - But this is one of the nice highlights of that form first impressions of the village. "

Of course, in the garden community will not meet the road width of more than eight feet with the relic shrubs and fruit trees at the edges. Boulevard and in the ordinary village will be out of place. Spacious and also cubed the road - a sign of an organized and highly commercial facility suburban real estate.

The tabloid's economy

Creating a boulevard - is an expensive business. Planting trees, shrubs and flowers, paving sidewalks and paths, asphalt roads, lawns require clearance of funds. But that's not all costs. "Full tabloid price depends on the location of the village - sums up Peter Kirillov. - The closer the locality to Moscow, the more expensive land, and hence the boulevard. Creating recreational space, the developer loses a few sites that he could directly implement the buyer. At the elite Rublyovka, where the price of land often corresponds to that of a meter square urban elite apartments, towns with avenues of the afternoon with fire not find ... "

"Laying the boulevards - a significant determinant of prices, which can increase the cost of a cottage settlement by 30-40% - sure Alevtina Areshka, head of an elite suburban real estate company" Contact Elite Real Estate. - But for the villagers of economy-class boulevards will be expensive. " That's why many builders are not without reason, believe that much cheaper to decorate the streets of small architectural forms, small parks and recreational areas. "Sometimes it is much more profitable to lay soundly two-way road and restrict pedestrian sidewalk - confirms Natalia Chukaeva, director of marketing analysis of the management company" Scale ". - A spread boulevards is much more efficient in the townships with high density development, such as where you want to build townhouses or low-rise apartment buildings. And even better, even if it is not settlement, and organized city-forming environment, such as Rublevo Archangel or project "and 101".

"During the construction of suburban settlements profit margins must be at least 40%, - sums up the Jury Sinyaev, director of marketing for the group of companies" Conti "- so creating a full-fledged infrastructure (which includes and boulevards), while maintaining high profitability is possible only in large projects . With regard to settlements format business-minus or economy class, the appearance of these boulevards caused either by a desire to builder, or for masking areas of communication, which can not be used for something else. "

But no matter how much fun was worth the Boulevard, it is already becoming a reality. At least the leading architectural studios do not suffer from a lack of orders for the village is "overkill." Here are just a wish that the word "tabloid" as soon as possible has lost its petty-bourgeois philistine value and, as in childhood, conjures up thoughts of rest and celebration. To the phrase "tabloid settlement" causes only positive emotions.
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