Borispol and its real estate

31.03.2011 11:49
Articles about real estate | Borispol and its real estate Borispol - one of the most famous, ancient and investment-attractive cities in the Kiev region.

The first mention of the precursor Borispol - Letch fort on the river Alta back to the beginning of XI century, when at this point in the internecine struggle between the sons of Prince Vladimir of Kiev was killed Prince Boris. In honor of him and was later named the town.

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The distance from Boryspil to the central districts of Kiev: rail 30 km on motorway 35 km. The distance to the subway - about 20 km. The area of ??the city 3,701.4
ha. The population as at 01.01.2011 - 58,2 thousand people.

In the city of 10 schools, 2 branches of universities, a professional high school, 10 kindergartens, 36 medical institutions.

Population growth - positive. Birth rate exceeds the death rate, migration flows are directed primarily to the city (in 2010 came to 874 people, had lost 548). This is explained by the attractiveness of the city (including, among Kiev). Housing prices here lower than Kiev, Kiev, good message. Public transport is available within 15-20 minutes to get to the nearest station of Kiev Metro (speed Boryspil route undoubtedly a big plus city). In the short term - the construction of high-speed railway line Kiev-Boryspil airport. Will finance the construction of the Chinese (the treaty providing for a credit of up to 1 billion dollars has already been signed), it is likely that the Chinese company will build. Another thing that is not quite clear how city residents can enjoy this fast branch.

Borispol Airport, which is now rapidly developing, of course, is the engine of the city. The city has 11 major industrial enterprises and about 800 small businesses. Main industries: food processing, trade, transport, production of building materials, construction, communications, production of heat, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

In the town of 920 retail and service provision. Among them are 4 of the market, 5 supermarkets (including construction - "New Line"), 95 catering facilities.

Advantageous location and availability of good transport links make it possible to predict the development of logistics, creation of a modern transportation hub. The presence in the region of black soil and water (plus the international airport and a direct connection with virtually all the world) may well help to attract foreign experts, technology and capital in the agricultural sector.

According to official data, the city authorities, at present the average monthly wage 3465.8 UAH. Foreign investment $ 1,258 per resident.

Real Estate Market Borispol

Investment attractiveness of the city, as well as the influx of visitor contributed to the development of the construction industry and urban real estate market. Advertising Borispolsky new buildings was quite noticeable in Kiev, developers and artists work in recent years, there were large firms Kiev (in particular, "Finansova Companya" Zhitlo-INVEST "Zhytlobud, LLC" Izobud).

The financial crisis has reduced demand for housing, and the pace of construction, and turnover of the market, and dollar prices. Actually, we see an identical situation, if we look for apartments in new buildings in Kiev.

Nevertheless, the offer price in Borispol remained high (when compared to income of the overwhelming majority of citizens, it is very high). And despite the fact that the proposals in the city quite a lot.

Judging from the databases and proring, prices for apartments in new buildings, located in the central districts of Boryspil, fluctuate around $ 1000 per square meter. For comparison, the prices of apartments in Kiev in new buildings on the outskirts of the city, during the start of construction will start in 1000 dollars.

Much, of course, depends on the house, the wall material and the quality of repairs.

For example, a new brick house, located in the heart of Boryspil, one-bedroom apartment with quality repair area of ??43 square meters valued at $ 49,000 (for the money you can buy a flat "after construction" in Kiev has already donated a new building, located in the "bedroom community", in the more prestigious areas of Kiev apartment with similar repairs will cost twice as much).

With construction finished apartments in the central districts of Boryspil offer price of 1000 dollars per square meter. Minimum offer prices on three-room apartments in panel erected without repairs - about $ 750 per square meter.

The selling prices of homes built 20-40-years ago, also fluctuate around $ 1000 per meter.

Much, of course, depends on the location of the house, the wall material and the quality of repairs. In malometrazhnyh apartments cost per square meter is much higher than in new homes. Another thing is that the price of apartments in this later (save about 8-12 thousand dollars, the buyer instead of a spacious modern home gets flat area 22-28 square meters). For example, the 25-meter apartment with a facelift in the center of Boryspil asking $ 36,000, for the 23-meter Gostinka downtown - 35000 $. Near the train station 22 meters Gostinka estimated at $ 30000.

According to local realtors, sellers are very reluctant to concede in the auction: a few percent can bargain, but the concession of 15% considered highly unlikely. Like it or not - you can figure out a direct participation in the auction, phone conversations in such things is not very helpful.

Quite a lot in Borispol offers homes ranging from 100 to 200 square meters.

New two-story house with a quality repair with a total area of ??170 square meters of sales estimated at $ 120,000. The same amount requested and the 200-meter house, but with less quality repair. True, this is only a few examples: variation in house prices is considerable.

In conclusion, we note that the real estate market analysis Boryspil does not pretend to a special depth. To a large extent, this is only a view from the outside. And the worst part is that we did not determine the market turnover and number of transactions (very little reliable information - it's common problem of all the domestic property market and the wine of the officials).

Nonetheless, certain conclusions we did. Analysis of the proposals, as well as proring some of them give reason to believe that now, buyers and sellers are trying to determine the market prices in different segments of the real estate market of the city and its environs. Carefully looking at this on Kiev. Because, apparently, the vast majority of them in practice feel residents satellite city of Kiev. Therefore, in the ads are frequent references to the distance from home to stop a minibus to Kiev, as well as time on the road to the nearest or most convenient stations of the Kiev Metro.

Vladimir Kolomeiko,
Analyst Real Estate Portal
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