BM Bank loans to purchase housing in the town of «Sunbeam»

03.11.2010 09:28
Articles about real estate | BM Bank loans to purchase housing in the town of «Sunbeam» BM Bank launched a concessional loan home purchase in the cottage "Sunbeam." Credit rate ranges from 10.78% to 18.02% depending on the type of housing loan term and size of the advance payment. Loans are issued in UAH up to 15 years, the size of the loan is limited to the sum of 4,5 million UAH.

More information about the program lending site BM Bank:

Cottage town "Sunbeam" is located within the city limits of Kiev, in Koncha Zaspa (smt Kozin), in a picturesque setting on the banks of the river Kozynka. In the town are three formats of housing - cottages, duplexes, townhouses and apartments in low-rise buildings. All residential buildings are in a state of construction readiness. Starting housing is planned for early 2011.
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