Black spots: what to do if a per se was your apartment?

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Black spots: what to do if a per se was your apartment? Now the houses, where people have worse health, used the term "sick building syndrome."

And the fact that such an apartment is, doctors know, "says Tatiana Garnik, chairman of the Health Ministry on alternative medicine, but the problem is broader than just medical, geophysical, and often has roots.

And now, following the advice of a specialist in the search for the perpetrators of the illness and we turned to traditional practitioners, alternative medicine and geology.

Culprit One - appliances
More specifically, electromagnetic waves and so-called torsion fields, which radiate our "true home helpers.

With chronic exposure is gradually reduced immunity, on which a person begins to get sick often, violations occur in the autonomic system, which may occur from a variety of endocrine, nervous and circulatory disorders, said Dr. Energy Sciences, Faculty of biomedtehnology Open International University for Human Development "Ukraine" Anatoliy Pavlenko.

Soon, every mobile phone will be tested for the duration of the work that is safe for health. In some models, it will be more, others - less.

Do not forget about the repeaters (the antennas of mobile operators, standing on the roofs), as well as power lines, the latter of which is the strongest emitter of electromagnetic waves. Zone of the radiation reaches 200 meters, and even near it is better not to be more than 30 minutes.

The biggest harm to the torsion fields yield when a person is still within range of their activities in one location. Therefore, the time needed to sleep off the TV, VCR, stereo and other sources of electromagnetic radiation, which can be in standby mode.

The most accessible treatment - ground elektrotochek - reduces the level of radiation in the apartment 10 times. To this end, the ground wire must be connected to the switchboard and connect it to ground. Help to do so may electrician.

Professionals working with instruments that measure electromagnetic radiation, iozhno call home. They will help you protect yourself with all kinds of reflectors, converters, etc. biorezonatorov devices capable of neutralizing more than 75% of electromagnetic radiation and the torsion field.

Cost control measurements apartments on average 75-100 UAH, the neutralization of one-bedroom apartment "average" of pollution - about 135 USD.

But what device would you choose to be interested reinsurance certificate products. If not, no one can guarantee, warns the newspaper "Today".

Device created by nature, is a cactus - a plant has the shape of the contour, catching and ground invisible waves, and the larger spines on the plant, the better it works. But greater efficiency does not possess because neutralizes only the torso box, and then some - up to 50%.

Culprit of the second - geopathic zones
According to the operator of dowsing, architect Igor Miracle House, may be sick, if costs in geopathogenic zone - the earth's surface, located above the fault of tectonic plates.

Because of their interaction with each other there is an energy that comes from the earth in the form of an invisible vertical flow width from 50 to 150 meters in length in the tens of kilometers. These lines often overlap, forming nodes, the radiation which is particularly strong.

On average, geopathic zones occupy up to 40% of the earth's surface. According to Anatoly Pavlenko, long-term (more than 3 hours a day), long-term effects of geopathic zones on the body leads to a gradual lowering of immunity in 90% of the people and the emergence of irreversible diseases, including metabolic, endocrine, and oncology.

Still, there are fine lines, evenly covering the entire Earth's surface - the so-called Hartmann and Curry lines.

In places where they intersect, form a very dangerous vertical flow diameter of 20-40 cm on average they occur every meter or two. Enough to sleep in this place for 3 months to have problems with their health.

Also dangerous combination of geopathic zones with household electromagnetic fields - near transformer boxes, repeaters, power transmission lines. In such places, their harmful effects magnified.

The fact that you live in geopathogenic zone, may be suspected in parts burn out home appliances, wilting flowers, regardless of how much you are watering them, in appearance the trees around the house - they pokruchennye, bifurcated, or covered with knobs trunks. This is particularly evident from the maples and pines.

To neutralize the effect of geopathic zones easier to avoid prolonged stay in them, properly arrange the furniture in the apartment.

The main thing is that on-site breakdowns do not have a bed, chair, chair. But guaranteed to insure only moved in a clean environment.

To check geopathogenic whether it can cause the same specialists in dowsing, and so do most, with the help of the frame.

Should also be checked and, in general the choice of any new housing or land for building homes. When you select a home, pay attention to the material of which it is made. Better than other materials hold different light red brick, worse - silicate (white) brick (in addition, it absorbs moisture, because of what is the source of moisture) and very weak - concrete.

Moreover, the latter is even able to increase the influence of negative energy. It is also desirable to take an apartment in their homes, under which runs the subway. If there is no possibility to move, to help the same catalyst, which safeguard and the torsion fields.

Geopathogenic zones KIEV (according to the architect Igor Miracle)
Center: fault line starts from the theater Franco and goes through Khreshchatyk and Proreznaya street to the Golden Gate and beyond, to the point of intersection of streets Gonchar and Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Limes, and the fault line is between the Verkhovna Rada - "dirty" place and the Mariinsky Palace - the "pure . In the geopathic zone fall and the Secretariat of the President and the government building, Clove.

Pechersk: street Staronavodnitskaya, Peoples' Friendship Boulevard from the intersection with Ave. L. Ukrainka to Riverside Drive.

Shevchenko district: the area of st. Olena Teligi from the intersection with the street. Degtyarevskaya to St. Cyril's Church.

Obolon: Obolonska near the waterfront (where the new buildings), st. Mate Zalki Ave Heroes of Stalingrad.

Forums: Prospect Komarova portion of the intersection with Ave. Leps - a prospect the 50 anniversary of October - before the District roads, street Borschagivska from Vozduhoflotsky to Industrial bridge.

Golosiivskiy rn: rn racecourse development in the Agricultural Academy, the area between the street. Vassilkovskaya and Pr. Glushkov.

Rusanivka (up to 60% of the total area).

Troyeshchyna: the area around the crossing street. Zakrevskogo and Dreiser.

Forest: from the intersection Brovarskiy avenue from the street. Bratislava before Yuri Gagarin Ave.

In addition, make sick person can and the air in the apartment.

If a day at work everything is fine, but at home begins sneezing, flu-like "state, aching joints, insomnia, general weakness, and this attack last for weeks, months and years, the culprit might just be flat microclimate.

According to a member of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology Ally Oleynik, air can be sick for several reasons.

Firstly, due to dust: a room in the house "aired" worse than an open space outside, and hence the dust they accumulate 4-6 times more.

Secondly, because of the over dried. In summer, this problem is particularly acute for offices that use air conditioners. Air Conditioning has a "take" water from the air, reducing humidity to an unacceptable level (20-30% at a rate of 45 to 60%).

And, thirdly, from too wet air. For greater certainty can buy a hygrometer - a special device to measure humidity. Most simple models cost about 40 USD. allow to make measurements with an accuracy of 5%.

And with a special scope (a piece of wire with a diameter of 2-3 mm, bent to form the letter "G". Handle length 15 cm barrel - 30 cm), we can recognize geopathic zone.

To make a measurement, we must take the short end of the frame in hand and balance it so that the longest part of the frame looking horizontally forward and did not hesitate, and then around the room in circles, moving from wall to center.

If the trunk began to deviate in any of the parties, at this point is anomalous energy. Fixing such places, so you can place furniture in the room to sites geopathogenic zone were outside the usual holiday destinations.

According to the newspaper "Today"
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