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Articles about real estate | 0 Notaries resell someone else's property without the owners' knowledge. In Ukraine, the notaries in minutes can leave Ukrainians without property. As stated in the clip programme Groshi , Olga from Kiev, together with her husband for 3 years collected funds for the machine. Once an expensive car vanished into thin air. Just disappeared on the territory of Ukraine ten cars. Ukrainians all over the accused notaries.

Scandalous notary Вержиковского, which allegedly wanted by all police, journalists easily found in a store near his home.

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The notary is suspected of fraud and forgery. Legal "black magician" stamped power of attorney by the usual photoshop.

If insolent businessman do not see the police, the indignant people carry the investigator of the city itself. The investigator cute talking to a notary and calmly drove away.

The shocking story of a notorious black notary Alexander Перевертуна still can't forget all of Ukraine. He provernul most extensive notary Scam of the state.

Feeling the taste of impunity, Перевертун masterly sold other people's cars, apartments, and even entire houses. He was assisted in the influential relatives in the police and prosecution. But this impudent lawyer law enforcement agencies failed to catch.

Unlike his colleagues, at the notary Вержиковского the deal was trickier. Big money hustlers rented expensive cars, as soon as the car fell into their hands, they immediately liabilities and sold documents and quietly sold their entire fleet.

"Without the patronage of the law enforcement bodies such transaction is unable to scroll. There are militiamen, who receive kickbacks", says Ukrainian lawyer.

The lawyer says that black notaries in Ukraine hundreds, because the business is very profitable. Each representative of law enforcement bodies are now known to 3 names of notaries, the things which they had been ordered to ignore.

"Now the most famous - Перевертун, Вержиковський and Копеечкин", - says Ivan Usenko, the head of the bar Association.

In Rivne the Prosecutor's office investigator says that the criminal case against Вержиковского already opened, but the investigation is stalled. The suspect does not want to be recognized.

Lawyers say absurdity is that this is enough to notary avoided responsibility.

Earlier it was reported that notaries started pulling crazy money for registration of real estate
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Увага "чорний нотаріус" ...У вас є майно? Ви впевнені? Розслабтесь у вас уже нічого нема… Знайомтесь так званий «чорний нотаріус» Копейчиков Іван Володимирович, нотаріус Ірпінського міського нотаріального округу Київської області, робоче місце: м. Ірпінь, вул. Мінеральна, 1 (другий поверх кім. 5,6) даний нотаріус видав довіреність (про розпорядження автомобілем) від імені моєї дружини, після чого автомобіль був знятий з обліку та проданий…
А может их проще закопать? Ради примера другим? Гы...
Не Копеечкин, а Копейчиков. Сейчас он "рубит капусту" в Ирпене Киевской области. Его крышует родственник жены из Министерства юстиции Украины.