«Black notaries» resell someone else's property with impunity

11.02.2016 00:45
Articles about real estate | «Black notaries» resell someone else "Black notaries' impunity resell other people's flats and cars, forging a power of attorney to them by the present owners, told Interfax the representative of the NGO" Ukrainian detective anticorruption bureau "Sergei Gorbachenko. "If changes are made to the Law on Notaries, where the notary is impossible to obtain a registry book, then why do it? - Lobbying for the law to prevent the further establishment of the truth ", - he explained at a press conference in the news agency" Interfax-Ukraine "on Tuesday.

Gorbachenko notes the absence in Ukraine notary institute. In practice, in his words, notaries can not be brought to justice, as law enforcement agencies are interested in the work "black notaries". In addition, in this segment of criminal activity involving judges, district, etc. pasportisty "For any complaint from the victim's partner -. It is an occasion to get away from" black notary 'share of the loot. It goes to sell the property no one is interested - interested in the transformation of forged document by a notary in cash equivalent ", - he said.

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As stated by S. Gorbachenko, dishonest notaries operate openly, they do not try to hide - they know all sellers in car markets. In addition, the list of their names can be obtained at the Kiev scientific research institute of forensic examinations, which receives examination with the same persons involved.

In addition, he said that most of the victims of "black notaries" are persons who went abroad and left his country estate, alcohol abuse, as well as elderly people who are unable to secure adequate legal protection.

Attending the press conference, Oleg Veremeyenko lawyer as an example the story of the illegal privatization and sale of vacant apartments Kiev citizen of the United States Seraphim Gorokhovskaya, left the country in 1991. In this story, involved three "black notary" - Alexander Perevertun Nina Selezneva and Oleg Leontiev. Forging documents, they managed four times to sell the apartment of the victim. So, the apartment was first sold in 2010 by the power of attorney notarized A. Perevertun and set issued by the person with the documents Ivan Yovenko. Sam I. Yovenko at that time was in prison. According to the victim, the sale of the apartment, she learned only in 2012. After that, the apartment several times to seize, who later starred on the basis of forged documents.

According to O. Veremeyenko, last apartment was sold at a price two times lower than its real value. He added that the criminal proceedings in this case strongly inhibited. The Court of Appeal of Kiev by Podolsky district court of the capital on Wednesday, February 10, re-examine the complaint the victim.

According Gorbachenko, "black notaries" in the same way illegally resell the house, land and stolen cars.
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