Big house - does not mean a spacious and comfortable

10.09.2010 21:53
Articles about real estate | Big house - does not mean a spacious and comfortable In recent years, usage has become a beautiful word "Penthouse." Not everyone knows what this word means, and call him any big brick house. Although this is wrong. It turns out that on his site, we can build: a cottage, villa, mansion, country cottage. Be clear.

House - is the common name of all residential buildings. Usually designed for one or two families, but not necessarily intended for permanent residence. If you live in a house in the summer, he nazyvatsya cottage.

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COTTAGE - designed for permanent residence. For this purpose he is provided with all necessary communications. But this is not its only distinction. The house can be hot water, toilet, bathroom, and even a sauna, but he has no right to be called a cottage, if costs to the environment, such as holiday homes. Cottage must be connected to other buildings of Unified Communications.

Mansion - a house with all amenities, which is separate from other buildings (apart - its name suggests), and the owner of it can be only one family. The owners of the mansion can not live there permanently, and to maintain order in the building to use the hired staff and guards.

HOMESTEAD - a kind of mansion, which, moreover, is situated on a large plot of land with the house, parks and alleys. This house served: security, gardener, chauffeur and other staff. For some reason, used to think that the class at home affect the materials from which it is built. For example, that the cottage can only be built of brick. But the class at home is not determined by the materials and facilities, which it is equipped.

Large - does not mean large

The classification of the home does not affect the area of the building. Several years ago, the fashion for large houses in which "everything is there." Financial and their "pull" is very difficult, not all calculate their strength, so all over Ukraine now is a lot of unfinished houses. But it's not just about money. Some live together: husband and wife, sometimes the children come. And they have more bedrooms, with whom they do not know what to do.

They just feel uncomfortable in a house, but they do not understand why. There is a difference - a big house and a spacious house. According to the testimony of architects, today the average order includes the living room about forty or fifty feet - with a fireplace and a veranda, 2-3-4 bedrooms, kitchen, lounge. And already, as a tribute to what this country house - the attic and basement. Abroad underground floors are now doing very rare, there are people finally realized that the house should be home, and he must stand on the ground, anyway, for sure - not the "emptiness" garage. Actually, for the construction of underground garages always said that and say it's convenient - to sit in the car, even go nowhere is not necessary - can be input directly from the house. But the bungalow does not happen without the land around - for the garage to allocate no problem. Our people, unfortunately, has not yet reached an understanding of this and bought a garage for one or two cars. By the way, if the garage is below ground level, it generates a lot of problems. Water and dirt - is necessary. All this is necessary to pump, need a special sewage system, pumping system. Many want to the garage was heated. But for that car is not rusted, designers recommend keeping it at street temperature.

It would be desirable to include all, even with great difficulty. But it turns out: the whole area of only half a living, and everything else - back rooms.

Yes, the construction of a private house - not cheap. Although, if you do not put yourself , you may find that it is you are quite capable.

Comfort - primarily

And you know what rate, primarily associated with the definition of luxury living space? The presence of toilets, bathrooms or shower rooms. Especially important to have a bathroom at his parents' room. It turns out that Ukraine has not yet come to a complete understanding of comfort. If we compare the European, American and Ukrainian figures, we get the following picture. Arithmetic index of comfort (possibly a large area), our compatriots osilivaetsya. But prior to having a separate bathroom with their parents' room (a qualitative indicator of comfort) falls short of only half of newly-built cottages. In Europe, this figure corresponds to 75%, USA - 100%.

From which to build?
When choosing materials, you must bear in mind the purposes for which constructed the house. If your permanent residence, then, naturally, is better to use a brick. If you're going to build a cottage, something - a tree. Business, especially in the heat. In order to heat the brick house, which stood for a long time with no heat, it will take a long time - at least eight to ten hours. But during that time he only warms up inside, and the walls will still be cold. And in the middle of the wall (heat + cold) is formed by moisture which gets into the pores and cracks kirpicha.Ona begins to evaporate. You spent the weekend and left, of course, turning off the heating. The water in the wall hardens. Next weekend you again protopili room. And once again left ... Result of your raids: cracks widen, a brick is destroyed. Conclusion, the best material to give than wood, you will not find.

To date, the building materials market is not there a lack of something. Do not think that the architect must begin when the section of the bulldozer had already passed, and the site brought rovnenkuyu materials (by the way, intelligent people resort to the help of the architect is only when they are going to buy land). A good architect is usually aware of all that concerns the construction materials. He also tells you how to save on materials.

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